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Email Marketing - Top Strategies For Making Money Online

Updated on June 13, 2009

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the main methods of marketing that is being used by business executives all around the world. Email advertising, opt in email, targeting email campaigns and email marketing newsletters are some of the best ways to drive customers to your business making money online. You can earn money online several different ways such as email marketing articles to draw in your initial traffic, squeeze pages, sales pages, email marketing blog and joint ventures; overall, the best way to earn extra money is through email marketing campaigns.

You can automate a number of traffic sources online to your squeeze pages, and then use a follow-up system that will drive customers to your sales pages and affiliate links. The entire email marketing system is built for education as well as an easy way to get money. The email marketing industry is fueled by traffic, which is key if you are going to be successful at making money with a website.

With each one of the marketing emails that you send (depending on your subject line, offer quality, and body copy) you have the potential to attract more than 2,000 customers to your affiliate links and sales pages. On a bad day, you would probably still draw in over 1,000. If you sell to only one out of every 100 people who visit your site, you will be making 20 sales for every 2,000 visitors. With the right email marketing campaign, this is something you can easily achieve results on a regular basis.

What Is Email Marketing And Why Is It So Popular?

Just as you may have suspected, email marketing is marketing that is communicated through the use of email. In a broad sense, the term refers to every single email communication that you send to your customers, prospects or the general public.

The top definitions of business email marketing include:

  • Direct email marketing. Direct email marketing is when an email is sent in an attempt to acquire new customers in addition to persuading established customers to make repeat purchases.
  • Permission based email marketing and email newsletter marketing. These can be used as a tool for enhancing customer relationships and encouraging customer loyalty.
  • Advertising in marketing emails. Placing ads in marketing emails that are sent by other companies is another way to send email marketing messages to their customers.

Email marketing programs are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that they are considerably cheaper than other forms of marketing.

An email marketing service allows you to send your custom business email online newsletter directly to your targeted email marketing audience without having to rely on customers coming to you.

There is a very helpful websites that offer a lot of information regarding effective email marketing. These sites feature several email marketing tips and provide you with what you need to choose the best email marketing software and email marketing tools.

What Are The Best Strategies For Making Money Online With Email Marketing?

There are many ways of making money through email marketing. Online money making ideas are just the beginning. How you market your money making ideas is just as important as the ideas themselves.

Here are some of the top email marketing strategies that you can use to provide a steady stream of income through your best Internet money making ideas:

  • Creating an email newsletter for your company, which you can offer for free or charge for it and make money with subscriptions is a common marketing strategy. Several companies choose to offer both versions and find that 10% of the people who get the free email newsletter sign up and pay for an email newsletter subscription.
  • Targeted email campaigns that your send out individually to people and businesses to ask for their advice or inform them of they ways that your service or product is beneficial to them is acceptable as longs as no one makes a complaint. However, if this method gets you fingered as a spammer, you stand a chance of suddenly loosing your Internet service account.
  • Autoresponders are an ideal way of providing more sales information to your customers. This is a great tool for keeping your email marketing campaign solution on track without sitting at your computer all day.
  • You can reduce your closing time for new prospects by using opt in email marketing and giving visitors to your website a chance to join your email list and receive exclusive deals and discounts that only members who sign up for newsletters will be able to enjoy.

How Do I Know if My Small Business Email Marketing is Effective?

Successful email marketing is vital to anyone seeking to earn money by Internet. Just like all other area of your business, you must monitor your email marketing plan to ensure that you are using the most effective online email marketing for your business. You should keep up with your percentage of sign ups, openings and click throughs to make sure you are getting all of the benefits of email marketing.

Your percentage of sign ups is determined by simply dividing the number of people who sign up for your permission email marketing campaign by the number of unique visits to your site. The percentage will differ according to niche, however, you should aim for a sign up percentage of at least 20% or greater.

The next thing you need to keep an eye out for is email delivery. It does not do you any good to send email marketing news to customers who do not bother to read your messages. To determine this figure, all you do is divide the number of emails that are opened by the number of emails that you send. If you come up with a low number, you may want to consider altering your subject line to attract more attention to your message.

You can determine the number of click throughs either by dividing the total amount of clicks by the number of emails that are opened or by dividing the clicks by the amount of emails that you send to your customers and prospects.

Continuous testing for the effectiveness of your marketing strategy allows you to alter the different aspects of your campaign to create electronic marketing messaged that will grab and hold on to your hardest to reach customers and prospects.

Adequate email marketing management is the key to a successful money making opportunity.

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