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Email Marketing: How To Create Effective Email Campaigns

Updated on February 14, 2013

Highly Effective Email Campaigns

An email campaign is one facet of your online business that you should pay attention to, as it can build up your business by extending your reach to busy people or people who think they are busy, you can keep in touch and provide useful content, updates on new products, offers on products and launched services and monthly newsletters, you name it. You can send email messages for it.

All you need is a good mail management system or auto responder to deliver your email messages at set intervals, but how do you create effective email campaigns that do well?

Read on....

Email marketing is all about the end user, the person who signed up to be on your list and like anything it has to be planned out well for it to be efficient at retaining our subscribers interest and not making them unsubscribe as that is not what you want. Typically, when someone signs up to an email list or newsletter, they do so in the expectation of receiving something that you offer, a free report or email training series, or even a discount on some superb software tool.

So the first thing you need to work out, is what are you going to offer your future subscribers? As it needs to be something that people will find of great value or useful to read or use.

An email campaign all starts with an opt in page or squeeze page, this is just a small and brief sign up form that describes the main benefit or bonus that you offer and that's it, these pages need not be complicated as you can obtain free templates online for these or join the Instant Squeeze page generator and find out more there.

Email marketing is only one of many marketing strategies, however most online marketers believe it is the most important one of all and that is very true, although never neglect the other marketing options, as a combination of them are what work best for your ultimate marketing planning.

To start an email campaign all you need is a load of hooks to keep your subscribers, the first one like, I mentioned above is a hook to get people to sign up, then from there you need other hooks to keep your subscribers, a good idea is to find out what your target market wants, information is the way of the internet, and you can deliver the required content that others want to read, so an email course is always a good starter for your email messages, because they don't directly sell other links and stuff, they focus on the free information that the people signed up for in the first place.

Something like 90% useful content and tips and the other 10% should be used to sell within your email marketing series, people always want free information to make a decision about you as an authoritative expert, if they don't trust you, then you've gone the wrong way about it, so to recap always start off with free valuable content as this makes more sense to build up a relationship with current subscribers and future ones.

I'm a fan of Aweber for delivering your emails in an order that you yourself choose, so an email series is a good idea to round up new followers through email. Of course it isn't a waste of time doing this as the more you provide useful content related to your niche, then people will look out for your emails more in their inboxes and your credibility will be assured if you do the right thing and not sell what other people usually do all the time.

Also if people don't see a benefit in the title of your emails, then they might not open your email, a benefit can be described as a clear 4 or 5 words that say what the email is about, and you could be quite clever in your approach here by asking a question, so that the reader opens the email to find out the answer or it could be a problem statement that refers to them directly and they will be more inclined to click to open the email.

It all comes down to planning like I said at the start, by finding out what your readers want by surveying them or asking for comments on your blog or other WebPages that you control, you are in more of a position to gather the right information that they need and you can concentrate on creating content whether that be in a report form or an email course....

Good luck with your email marketing.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Image taken from Google Images Copyright whomever 2009.
Email Marketing Image taken from Google Images Copyright whomever 2009.

Email Marketing Questions And Answers

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    • imidiot profile image


      9 years ago from Calgary

      Email marketing has been very lucrative over the years. The best part about doing this is you don't need a website to succeed.

    • Andrew0208 profile image


      12 years ago from Zion

      Thanks for sharing.

    • waynet profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Tully 

      12 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Email marketing is great for those that try it, as it requires a planning formula that pays off in the end as you build extra content besides your website and it is considered one of the premier online marketing strategies, this is one strategy that I myself am implementing together with article marketing to combine a solid promotion that will be far more effective in the long term.

      Cheers Robert, Dale and APD Marketing for your comments!

    • Dale Mazurek profile image

      Dale Mazurek 

      12 years ago from Canada

      A very good hub. I believe Aweber is far superior than anything else out there. It has never failed me at any time in my affiliate career.

    • robertsloan2 profile image


      12 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      I think you're right. There's a newsletter option in my software for my SBI site that sets up for emails that people opt into -- the squeeze page is part of the process, you just have to title it and write the content. I've hesitated so far because I can't put actual images into the emails, but I'm starting to think I could do articles on pages on my site and just link to new articles plut put some sort of tips and news content in it.

      My site isn't really selling directly other than the gallery of my oil pastels art on one of the tabs, if people like my art I list the price and they can contact me. I like that 90% content 10% sales formula. That does work. I just bought a watercolor course that did that because I liked the five free video lessons that got emailed. I got to sample it.

      Very good, very useful article!


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