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Emerging HR ! The Next Giant Leap For A Better Future !

Updated on October 7, 2015

HR’s role has been suffering with identity issues from decades. While there are people who see HR as the key driver for recruitment only, their role is definitely not confined to these limits. The paradigm has been shifting and they’re growingly becoming accountable for a variety of responsibilities, including attracting new candidates, selecting the deserving, training them for their new role, assessing their performance, rewarding them for their good deeds and even business strategic planning.

While this is a fact, HR’s role has never been constant. The changing times are remolding the roles and strengthening the role of HR from every aspect as they have a say in every organizational decision-making. So, here let’s discuss how HR pros are evolving and emerging out of as the multi-taskers:


What is the primary role of an architect?

They’re basically responsible for developing a functional, secure, visually pleasing and an economical structure. And the job is not just limited to designing; they have to keep communicating with their clients, builders and other related people. HR’s role is exactly the same. They are responsible for creating a workplace where candidates want to apply, provide attractive compensation while satisfying the employees, taking care of employee well-being and happiness at workplace and meeting the basic organizational goals as well.


So, What You See In your Company HR

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HRs role as an administrative expert calls for reshaping their traditional people-related policies and pre-set procedures. They are increasingly seen as a source to receive information regarding various labor regulations and other organizational laws so that the company never fall prey of heavy fines and penalties or something even worse, potential lawsuits. Unlocking the cost-saving and time-saving solutions with respect to organizational benefits, represents a perfect example of HR in the role of an administrative expert.

HR as the COACH !

As a coach, an HR pro is required to actively listen to their employees’ concerns/suggestions/feedbacks and reach their personal best to find solutions to the same. They must act equally for employees at every level of the organization, from an entry level employee to the top-level executives. The main focus of the entire coaching phenomenon is to focus specifically on the employee development. Thus, a sense of trust is a must to be developed among employees so that they don’t hesitate in sharing their thoughts. Care must also be taken to keep the issues confidential.


What is strategic HR? What makes it different from a conventional administrative HR?

The HR’s role as a strategist goes beyond the mere administrative support that they provide to the organization. But, that doesn’t mean these core tasks are abandoned. A strategic HR takes over decisive responsibilities and help business leaders in making futuristic decisions while focusing on the effective fulfillment of the current goals. Strategic HR relationship with their work is more proactive rather than reactive. They don’t just wait for instructions; in fact they do their homework and offer proactive solutions and better strategic advices.

LinkedIn Expert - Professional Development


Employee advocacy is an emerging HR’s role where the HR plays a crucial role in managing organizational changes by utilizing people’s knowledge they’ve gained through various situations. The core responsibilities include motivating employees, creating and maintaining a healthy work environment, handling their daily issues within the organization, problem solving and counseling.

But, in order to perfectly play all those roles, HR need to become the “Techno-Savvy HR " as taking aid of an efficient technology solution will help them minimize the load of their daily routine tasks and focus on these diverse aspects. Moreover, the information collected through such a solution will help them in making much better, faster and futuristic decisions.

Putting It All Together

There are many companies where the traditional HR practices are still in function, but the role of HR in today’s business is changing; HR being the integral part of the team than it was once. Rather than being the people who sit in their cabins and focus only on interviewing and recruitment, HR is now getting more involved in strategic decision making and contributing towards their organization as a whole.

And, the Evolution is nowhere going to STOP!!!


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