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Finding An Environmental Career: Find Green Jobs That Matter!

Updated on September 6, 2009

Looking for a career change towards something more meaningful such as a green job ? There are many Environmental careers and green jobs available out there for people of all educational backgrounds that deal with the environment. Environmental career can mean a hands on green job work experience you can be proud of.

Environmental jobs are on the rise as populations are beginning to acknowledge the need for the research, maintance, and preservation of our natural habitats.

Perfer indoor environmental career? Working for the environment and having a green job does not mean you are limited to only outsidegreen environmental jobs. You don't need to be outdoors to get involved in working for the environment. Indoor environmental jobs can range from desk jobs such as research and documentation of environmental resouces, to hands on positions in public water and energy facilites.

Environmental Jobs

Here are a few different types of green career positions ...

  • Environmental Scientist
  • Marine Biologist
  • Environmental Air Tester
  • Stormwater Inspector
  • Instructor For Outdoor Youth Program
  • Outdoor Education Instructor/Naturlaist
  • Map Drafter
  • Water Sampling Technician

For someone, these are the perfect jobs. For the rest of us, they may not be our calling. If you are looking for your own way to work with the environment turn to the websites for your states, counties, and cities.

State, county, and city jobs can offer excellent pay and benefits, and it should not be too difficult to find employment positions working with the environment. Sign up at all websites for locations that you would like to work in and send out resumes to everything you may have a interest in.

Another place to look is the employment area's of your states Department of Ecology, Department of Natural Resources, and Department for Fish and Wildlife websites.

Your State's Department of Ecology

Your states Department of Ecology positions will be in areas of interest such as:

  • Environmental Assesement
  • Shorelands
  • Solid Waste
  • Spills
  • Toxic Cleanup
  • Water Quality
  • Water Resources


Your States Department of Natural Resources

Your states Department of Natural Resources positions will be in areas of interest such as:

  • Aquatic Resources
  • Assest Management and Protection
  • Engineering and General Services
  • Forest Practices
  • Geology and Earth Resources
  • Land Management
  • Resource Protection

Department of Fish and Wildlife

Your states Department of Natural Resources positions will be in areas of interest such as:

  • Fishing/Shell-fishing
  • Fish/Shellfish/Wildlife Science
  • Hunting
  • Fish and Wildlife Enforcement
  • Licencing
  • Habitat Preservation

Green Jobs About To Get Boost

President Obama is going to put a strong push through to create many more green jobs. If this is where your heart is, its about to become much easier to get a green job and work to help your environment instead of harm it.

Keep an eye out for green jobs in newspaper and other job markets.


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