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How to Snag Your First Etsy Sale in a Week

Updated on February 28, 2012

Waiting for your first Etsy sale can be agonizing. You are probably wondering how long it will take for you to land your first customer. Unfortunately, there is no set rule. It will depend on what you're selling and how hard you work to promote your products. Here are some tips on how to encourage customers to buy, all within your first week of trading!

Be Ready When the Doors Open

Sometimes our eagerness gets the best of us. You're probably very excited to open your shop. You probably have a few handmade pieces, but you haven't had time to expand your line yet. Opening the store early won't hurt, will it? Here's the thing, buyers love to see a full shop with lots of selection. By opening your shop early with little products to sell, it's possible that you will drive customers away. Before you open your shop, ensure sure you have the following in place:

  • At least 1-2 pages of products ready to sell (about 24-48 listings)
  • Have your product descriptions written, including size, color, uses, etc
  • Research shipping before hand so that you can fill out your shipping profiles
  • Obtain all the necessary keywords to help buyers find you
  • Write your policies and shop announcement
  • Create an eye-catching banner
  • Take great, well-lit pictures, showing the essential details of your products

Shout About It

Once you've opened your store, you'll immediately want to shout about it. There are many ways to successfully market your product. The more people who know about your product, the better. Here are some marketing ideas to help you on your way:

  • Join an Etsy team, ideally a group that will compliment your products
  • Submit your shop, giveaway and coupon codes to Etsy Strut
  • Create a low-cost ad on Project Wonderful, targeting your key market
  • Write a Hubpage, outlining your products and your process of creativity
  • Approach a blog that targets your market and offer a giveaway
  • Create a Facebook Fan Page and include an Etsy Shop App Tab

Take it Outside

Don't solely rely on the internet to promote your Etsy products. Think about all the potential buyers that you encounter in any ordinary day. Tell everyone you know and meet about your new Etsy shop. They might be friends, family, colleagues, or even the mailman! Consider some of these ways to promote your shop offline:

  • Print business cards or postcards with information about your shop
  • If you're considering wholesale, leave samples with retailers who might be interested
  • Take part in a craft fair, trade show or flea market
  • Create and print a catalogue with My Etsy Book, carrying it wherever you may go
  • If you're able to wear your creation, fashion it with pride wherever you go

Etsy Karma

What comes around, goes around on Etsy. Share the love and help promote your fellow sellers and they'll do the same for you. You'll be surprised at how many Etsy sellers are also buyers. Here are some ideas on how to find your Etsy Karma:

  • Create a treasury
  • Start a blog and do a swap with a fellow Etsian to discuss your products
  • Add your favorite sellers to your Circle and they might do the same
  • Offer opinions and advice in the forum

Entice Your Customers

Buyers love to be enticed into buying something. For your grand opening, you may want to consider several ways to coax them into buying from your shop:

  • Offer a limited time grand opening sale or free shipping
  • Include a freebie for the first 1 or so buyers
  • Create a limited edition holiday inspired product
  • Sell a unique product that no one else can compete with

By carrying out the above tips, you'll be sure to receive a buyer in the first week. Remember, you have to put the work in, just like any job. If you strive to succeed on Etsy, then it will happen. There is a buyer out there for everyone and everything!

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