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Expert Advise To Earn Money Online Within Short Time

Updated on August 18, 2010

10 Best Methods To Earn Money Online

Hello this is a hub on top ten ways to earn money online.(Leave the recession behind , take action and get paid.)

Earning money online can be classified under categories :

  • Money from selling product
  • Money from offering a service
  • Money earned as commission for endorsing a product
  • Money from advertising
  • Money from freelancing.

Here are the Top Ten Methods :

1.Selling your own product : You can earn money by creating a product and selling it online.The best option is to develop a down-loadable e book and sell them.You can use payment processors like pay-pal for accepting payment.

2.Sell a service online:You can a membership service online and sell them .You can accept monthly or yearly payment for the subscription.This will fetch you recurring income from same customer.

3.Earning commission for sales : This is the concept of affiliate marketing .Here vendors(product sellers) pays you for sending new customers to their websites.For each buying visitor you send to them you can earn money.Some vendors offer upto 75% of the sale price of the item.

4.Money from advertising : You can earn money by placing advertisements in your websites.Advertisements comes under these 5 categories:

  • 5 :Pop up ads : When visitors visit your website pop-up windows appear .You will be paid a fixed commission for n number of pop ups served.This is used only when no otehr option is available.
  • 6 :Selling banner ads : You can sell banner ads in your website or blog and make money.
  • 7 :Selling text links : You can make money by selling text links in your website and blog.
  • 8 :Pay per action ads :When user clicks the link you placed in your website and takes an action you gets paid.
  • 9 :Pay per click ads: Here you get credited whenever users clicks on the ads placed in your website.For every click you get paid.Some times you can earn up to 20 dollars per click.

10 .Create websites and selling them : This is another excellent technique.Here you creates websites , put some content and market them.Once you get sufficient visitors you can sell them at higher price,

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