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Face-Book Friends & Tweeter Followers Earn Money For Life! Write Just Like This!

Updated on February 6, 2012

Face-Book Friends & Tweeter Followers Earn Money! Just By Writing Like This!

I personally know quite a few of you here face to face & I also know most of you folks have the ability to pen words into articles similar to this one for instance!

Even if you desire not to write an article similar to this you may have personal stories to tell of your own & even things that have happened to others you may like to share & this is fine for publishing too.

For instance, many of you have a hobby! & once concentrating or participating with your hobby you may feel certain emotions of how it makes you feel inside so why don’t you share this whilst making money in the process?

Some of you have found ways on how to do things that maybe others would like to know about your findings so why not write a step by step guide?

Many folk are parents for instance & you have certain techniques to create a peaceful life for you and your children whilst some of you are either single or in a relationship so why not give some hints or tips on your methods?

What if you like photography? This is another beauty of this media publishing website available for us entrepreneurs here. Even videos & illustrations can be uploaded for others to view.

Well these are just some examples for you to ponder & wouldn’t it be great to find a little spare time instead of watching the box & vent out your thoughts inspirations & emotions instead onto paper?

By writing as such you also free your mind & become calmer with a satisfying mission in your life.

Almost anyone can write but many say ‘I can’t find the time’ & I tell them to make readjustments & create the time for a small amount of writing now & then, especially as you will be sharing your work & making some spondulas in the process.

‘What if I’m crap?’ Is another excuse! But don’t worry about this because the more you do the better & more confident you become. Practice makes perfect & you can always ask for feedback on your articles within the forums here.

When you sign up through this link HERE this means I will be an affiliate to you. The link you are clicking is called an affiliate link & it is generated just for me to allow others to sing up!

This means that when you generate income I will get a small percentage of your earnings for my troubles. When you become a member yourself you will have your own affiliate link so you can also refer others then you will get a small percentage for your troubles.

First off you need to sign in to the program & create an account from the click HERE link obove & your well on your way to making a brand new money generating income for life.

Whilst your there just view samples of works that others have produced just to give you more ideas.

Let me tell you how this article money making process works.

You upload your written piece, or video, or pictures, or illustrations, & once they are published google, plus other advertisers, places adverts onto your page & once any of these are clicked you generate a share of the profits.

As you may know, you may start to see only a small amounts going into your account, but over time your articles should become read more & more giving the opportunity for your adverts to be clicked thus making you a never ending stream of income for your future.

And that is just from one article you publish. So the more you publish the more you generate in the long run.

Thank you for reading & if there is an opportunity out there for us to better ourselves I will surly let you know more. So begin your venture today & click HERE

Let me know what you think guys. Regards Dale Ovenstone


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