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Interview with Lori Hoffmann - Founder and Owner of FaceFacts, an all Natural Cosmetic Beauty Brand

Updated on June 27, 2013

This hub is a part of a series of hubs interviewing women entrepreneurs who have managed to set up and run successful small businesses while managing a family and a full time job. My aim is to share their success stories and provide inspiration to moms looking to start their own business.


Lori Hoffmann


Natural cosmetics review - Facefacts lipsticks and lipliners

I also had a chance to use and review Lori's products (lipsticks and lipliners from the LipFacts collection). If interested, you can read my review here.

Lori - tell us a little about yourself and your company, FACEFACTS?

I am a mother of 6 children - 5 boys and 1 girl. Ages range from 12 to 21. I have one child with special needs who continues to make progress and shine brightly in every way. As a young teenager into early college - I always had a knack for applying color cosmetics and was a makeup addict myself. I sold for a local beauty supply establishment throughout high school and earned extra cash that way. Since my children are my #1 priority, I have always put my family first and taken the responsibility of raising a family very seriously. I am a very spiritual person and have a strong ethic in my personal and business life. Since I was raising my family, I needed to do something that was not going to diminish my time with the children and the home. I began selling private label hi-end spa and color cosmetics from my home studio. I occasionally would do boutique shows in local venues, as well.

As time went on, friends around me encouraged me to learn and advance my talents, so I enrolled in a makeup course and went on to take some workshops, as well. I always love to learn new techniques and skills. I was doing makeup applications within my community and it enabled me to still be a mother and not have an impact in any way on my family. Eventually, I began to explore what was not yet out in the market and had an intense need to create products. It had to be true to its word by being luxurious and natural - in spite of the fact that the definition of natural was and is always in flux, I was adamant about each and every ingredient being derived from nature. Even preservatives had to be natural.

I joined up with a spa company overseas that had created many beautiful natural products and decided to partner with them and create color collections for them, in a pallet. I did it and they were gorgeous. The issue was that they needed to be 100% natural. But, what does that really mean? Thus began my 4 year study and research into this niche area and I learned from highly experienced professionals in both marketing/research in the naturals category. I searched out and found a brilliant cosmetic chemist who is highly experienced and respected within the industry, with more than 35 years of experience at major world famous companies. So, we worked together to formulate lipsticks and liners that were luxurious, color rich and long wearing with tangible functional benefits.


What inspired you to start a natural and green beauty brand? Tell us a little about your products.

My marketing consultant at the time was an expert at natural product development and really inspired and taught me a lot about green, natural and organic. Carbon foot print was not a term I was really familiar with until I delved further and further into the study of this LOHAS lifestyle (life of health and sustainability).

The products themselves are 100% natural and we use as many certified organic ingredients wherever possible. Our packaging is 100% recyclable, powered by wind, leaping bunny certified and never ever tested on animals. One of our tag lines is " we care about the earth and all of its living things."


LIPFACTS Collection - Lipsticks



LIPFACTS Collection - Lipliners



What was the very first FACEFACTS product that you introduced? Do you have a personal favorite?

The LIPFACTS lipsticks and lip liners were the first products we introduced.

My personal favorite is the LIPFACTS lipstick bronze shimmer paired with the hazelnut lip liner. I also LOVE the BODYFACTS luxury body lotion which has a rich silky feel and is very hydrating. We use hyaluronic acid which is derived from sugar and is not typically found in body products. It plumps up the skin and binds moisture to it. I have had customers with psoriasis tell me that it helps them to the degree that their conditions significantly improved. We do not claim this at all, its just a side benefit .


Berry Mauve Lipstick - LIPFACTS Collection



Where do you see the green beauty industry today?

Everyone, slowly but steadily, is turning to the green way of living. Consumers realize that there are standards to be adhered to - that we need to respect the world we live in and tap into the resources that Mother Nature has given us - to beautify and enrich our life, looks and overall health.


What should customers look for while shopping for a natural and green beauty product?

Consumers should look for certifications such as USDA, NPA, FSC, recyclable. They should find information sources that are realistic and with scientific research and data to back up claims and information. Personal Care Truth is an excellent and reliable resource. Products that contain sulfates. parabens, phlalates, lead, dyes and lakes as well as synthetically derived ingredients are to be avoided wherever possible.


BODYFACTS Collection



How do you balance your work life with family time? What advice do you have for moms like you looking to launch a successful career in business?

I am struggling to get the line out into the market place and it is very difficult to do so! There are limitations on my time and traveling, for example, is virtually impossible. I have been approved as a vendor for SAMS CLUB and we are getting ready to do "Road Show" events with them. This is not easy to do, but it will enable me to get the product into the hands of consumers who can experience the high quality of the line. The only thing I can do is set simple goals for myself - realistic goals. No pressure. Take it slowly and remain focused.

I found it very helpful to make daily goals. Once 4 p.m came, all work stopped and dinner was prepared and the routine was totally devoted to the kids, my husband and their needs. Occasionally, I allowed for days when it just could not work out that way and I forgave myself. I learned from a brilliant, world famous doctor/author named Dr. Gabor Mate about compassionate recognition. It means that one talks to oneself lovingly and says, "OK ... I know I did not do this or that. It is not the end of world. It may cause negative reactions or effects, but tomorrow I will be more mindful to do better and move on". Do not dwell on negativity - focus on moving forward.


Your favorite green website would be....?

TreeHugger, EcoBold, SaveGreenNow, GreenTidings, TheDailyGreen


As the owner of a green business, what steps have you taken towards creating a healthy lifestyle within your own home?

I started taking vitamins - vitamin D supplements after learning that I was very deficient. I take daily walks and eat a cleaner diet consisting of more whole grains like quinoa and bulgur - gave up diet soda for spring water or seltzer.


What are the unique features of your products that sets them apart from the rest?

The brand is small, but the products are outstanding. I value and respect how hard people work for their money. As a consumer, a preschool teacher and small business owner, raising a family of 6 children and a senior mother living with me at home as well (and yes I have a dog and a cat too!), I know first hand how difficult it is in today's economy to pay bills.

I resent when products are full of hype and do not do what they are supposed to do - for example, spot reducing creams that do not bring results or lipsticks that claim to be long wearing and moisturizing, but then burn your lips and dry them out. The FACEFACTS LIPFACTS collection and BODYFACTS products do what they are intended to do.


What are your plans for the future of FACEFACTS?

I own the trademarks for SKINFACTS, HAIRFACTS, BODYFACTS, EYEFACTS, CHEEKFACTS, LIPFACTS and FACEFACTS. My dream is to create highly functional products that bring tangible results in all of these categories - sourcing premium natural and organic ingredients. I would like to eliminate outer carton packaging to minimize the impact on the environment and focus more on what is IN the products themselves that set them apart from others.

Visit the FACEFACTS site!


FaceFacts gift bags were a part of the 40th Anniversary  of the 2012 International Emmy Awards Gala.
FaceFacts gift bags were a part of the 40th Anniversary of the 2012 International Emmy Awards Gala.




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    • ponx profile image

      Ponx 5 years ago from USA

      @Robin....thank you for your lovely comment! Yes, what Lori has done is certainly admirable.

      @McGilwriter....sure, please do! And do let me know how she liked it. If interested, she can check out my other site where we offer natural, eco friendly products at discounts. Thanks!

    • McGilwriter profile image

      McGilwriter 5 years ago from Florida

      I'll have to send this to my wife ... she's a professional makeup artist and always looking at all natural makeup brands.

    • profile image

      Robin @ 5 years ago

      Really inspiring story and I admire Lori for taking the initiative to create her own safe cosmetics line!


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