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Natural Cosmetics Review - FaceFacts Lipsticks and Lipliners

Updated on June 27, 2013

FaceFacts Lipsticks and Lipliners - "Naturally Elegant"!

Today I am going to introduce to you an all natural cosmetic beauty brand, FaceFacts. I had the pleasure of interviewing Lori Hoffmann, the founder and owner of the company a while ago right here on HubPages. Lori wanted me to review some of her beauty products from the LipFacts collection and share my honest opinions with my readers.


Lori Hoffmann, Owner, FaceFacts


Interview with Lori Hoffmann

Read how Lori Hoffmann, a mother of six, pursued her dream of setting up and running her own business here.

As of now, FaceFacts offers the LipFacts lipsticks and lipliners and the BodyFacts bath and body care product collections.

A short bio about Lori and her company, FaceFacts

Lori Hoffmann is a mother of six children, five boys and one girl. Her venture into starting her own cosmetic brand did not happen by chance, she always had a knack for applying color cosmetics and was a makeup addict! As a little girl, Lori would spend long hours in front of the mirror playing with makeup. While in high school, she also sold for a local beauty supply establishment and earned extra cash.

Family being her #1 priority, Lori wanted to do something that would not diminish her time spent with her children at home. So she began selling private label hi-end spa and color cosmetics from her home studio. In order to advance her talents, she enrolled in a professional makeup course and attended many workshops. She continued doing makeup applications within her community so that she could spend as much time as needed at home with her kids.

Eventually, she began to explore what was not yet out in the market and had an intense need to create beauty products which were luxurious yet truly natural. She joined up with a spa company overseas that had created many beautiful natural products and decided to partner with them to create color collections in a pallet. Since the products had to be a 100% natural, Lori teamed up with an experienced cosmetic chemist to formulate lipsticks and lipliners that were luxurious, color rich and crafted using all natural and certified organic ingredients. Thus FaceFacts was born!


My review

Lori sent me 5 products from the LipFacts collection, 3 lipsticks and 2 lipliners.

The lipstick colors were Soft Autumn, Almond Cream and Ivory Frost and the lipliner colors were Praline and Mocha. I was asked to choose the colors which I liked for the review. So I chose the above lipstick colors which I felt would go with my skin tone (brown/tanned). Lori was kind to send the lipliners which would compliment the lipsticks.

I will start with the packaging first and then move on to the actual product description.


Lipsticks - Ivory Frost, Soft Autumn, Almond Cream (from the left)



What makes FaceFacts' packaging green?

  • Manufactured using renewable energy wind power
  • Forest Stewardship Council Certified
  • Elemental chlorine free and recyclable


Let’s start with the packaging. Loved it!

Each lipstick and lipliner was neatly packed in a tiny box adorned with the beautiful FaceFacts logo. Not only are the products made with organic ingredients, the packaging itself is very eco-friendly.

The lipstick tube has a rich maroon color with the FaceFacts logo towards the front in bright gold. Overall, the product looks pricey (but it is ABSOLUTELY NOT!) and elegant. The lipliner pencils have the same gorgeous maroon color as the lipsticks with a classy gold cap.


Pretty packaging, Lori also sent me a hand-written note!



Green packaging. Lists all ingredients and features on the box.



Looks classy and pricey but IS NOT!



In a nutshell...

I wore the lipsticks and lipliners for one week continuously during the day before writing this review.

Salient features listed on the FaceFacts website;

  • Made with all natural and certified organic ingredients
  • Contains mineral pigments
  • Parabens free
  • No mineral oil, petroleum, certified dyes and lakes and lead
  • No animal testing
  • Premium, color rich, luxurious textured

Overall the lipsticks are creamy, luxurious, true to their formula and I would certainly recommend them to all.

Fashion tip

Use the Ivory Frost to create highlights on your lips (ombre lips)! Leave the sides darker and lighten the center using the Ivory Frost. Check out the video tutorial below.

LipFacts lipsticks

Let’s start with the lipsticks (priced at $14.99).

They are truly color rich! I loved the soft and subtle texture of both the Soft Autumn and Almond Cream. Both the shades are towards the lighter side and are more suited for wearing during the day. The Ivory Frost is white in color and can be used either as a natural shimmer for the lips during the day or to lighten the effect of a darker lipstick color.

The lipsticks are moisturizing and long lasting. The color does fade slightly as you proceed with your daily activities (eating, drinking, talking) but never completely and you only need a quick re-touch. However, I would recommend wearing the lipstick after applying lip balm for a deeper moisturizing effect. You can also wear gloss over the lipsticks for additional shimmer.

The scent is very mild and this sort of made me realize that I am actually not ingesting icky chemicals along with my lipstick. I find products with strong scents rather offensive because they almost reek of chemicals.




I think that Lori has done a fantastic job with these products! They are made with the finest natural ingredients and you can be rest assured that they are one of the healthiest alternatives out there. Go ahead and try them for yourself and feel the difference!

If you use these products, do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

LipFacts lipliners

The lipliner pencils (priced at $10.99) are made from sustainably harvested California Cedar Wood. They can be used either to outline your lips before wearing the lipstick or as a base coat. I tried both.

The lipliners are also creamy and if used as a base coat, they allow the lipstick to become more long lasting. There is a matching lipliner for each lipstick color.


Lipliners - Praline, Mocha (from the left)



FaceFacts product review by Sammys Makeup Corner



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