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Facebook: How to separate business from personal.

Updated on July 17, 2012

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From my health and nutrition blog.
From my health and nutrition blog. | Source
Design branding.
Design branding. | Source
Ava branding.
Ava branding. | Source

What's your business? What's your pleasure?

Now that we're all online transparency is critical. Most of us work more than one job and have more than one passion. Even if your second job is a home-based business or a hobby that you tinker with, I'd like to explain several methods for separating business from pleasure, as well as ways to take advantage of social network connections without driving your Facebook friends crazy.

We've all known someone who joined an MLM company and soon, that was ALL they wanted to talk about. Every call, every conversation they try to sway you to sell whatever it is they're selling (knives, Amway, vacuums.. lol) you get my point. The reason I'm making this point is because I have my moments, too. (No, I don't sell Amway, sorry!). Hah!

I'll get to my point. I have several passions - a short list includes: graphic design and all forms of advertising, natural health and green products, funny cat pictures and videos, and inappropriate humor. From this list I'm sure you're creating yours - all of us have different facets to our personalities. (My mind visualizes this like my boards on Pinterest!) Last year, I created a blog, Natural Nutrition Guru as a creative outlet for my health and natural products obsession. I also created a facebook page for that blog.

Next, I have a Facebook Business page for my design services, and I also have one for my Ava Anderson Non-Toxic fans.

This way, my friends who love my obsession about health and nutrition can follow my NNG page, while my friends who love my design work and went to school with me or work with me can follow my graphic design page. In this way, I can post til my heart is content without bombarding my boss with Ava ads, or my Ava fans with design, marketing or blog information.

Remember the niche - and use it to your advantage. The human brain loves to compartmentalize. Typically when I post on any of my business pages I will only share on my other pages when it's appropriate. I think we feel the same about Facebook posting as we do about emails - if there are too many we will unsubscribe!

Don't overpost - I think my next hub should be about scheduled posts on Facebook! Thoughts?


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    • mariacolomy profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Colomy 

      7 years ago from Nashville, TN

      Unfortunately, no clues on the last question. I notice that if I'm using facebook as any of my business pages none of my plugins or sharing will work til I switch back to my personal account.

      I also notice that business pages likes don't count towards other business page likes, only when the people who own those pages like, do they count. With that being said... I guess we both know that facebook changes every two weeks!

      If we don't like it.. surely it will change again soon, right?! :)

    • profile image

      Milli Thornton 

      7 years ago

      I agree, keep them separate, with only the occasional overlap when it feels appropriate.

      One person came to mind when you talked about people who obsess on one passion. She's a really nice lady but she doesn't seem to understand that posting endless stuff about her obsession is not the same as helping other people. :~)

      One thing that mystifies me about keeping personal and biz separate on Facebook: FB insists on defaulting to my personal page, even if I want to Like someone or login to another account (such as HubPages) with my business FB page. I've looked for where there might be a setting I can change to make my biz page the default but haven't found it yet. Can you offer any clues?

    • mariacolomy profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Colomy 

      7 years ago from Nashville, TN

      Thanks Jan - I figured it was time to stop driving my friends crazy! :)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Nice informative article. Yep you need to organize your social from your biz. I like the way you segregate your pages good idea.




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