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Famine By Design

Updated on January 30, 2012
Niger childhood malnutrition
Niger childhood malnutrition | Source

The United nations goal is to reduce population selectively by encouraging abortion, forced sterilizations, and control of human reproduction, and regards two thirds of the human population as excess baggage, with 350,000 eliminated per day. Jacques Cousteau UNESCO Courier, Nov. 1991

Famine is defined as a scarcity of food that results in malnutrition, starvation, and an epidemic of disease. Design is defined as a plan to construct an object or system. If you combined the two words you get "famine design", which insinuates that starvation is being intentionally and clandestinely imposed on nine hundred twenty-nine million people on earth. How did some of the most food abundant places on earth become poverty stricken diseased wastelands, extorted of all natural resources, and forced to buy their own raw materials back in a manufactured form for one hundred times the export price? This bankrupts economy's, devourers political strength, destroys culture, and leaves nations in the depths of complete ruin.

Raping the cradle of civilization

Diamonds, oil, timber, palm oil, cocoa, and most precious medals used on earth come from Africa, this vast continent where people are exploited of their labor and under paid for there commodities has been underdeveloped, economically exploited, oppressed under colonial regimes, and impoverished by monarchical powers. How can a place so rich in resources be experiencing the poverty and food deprivation that the world population has become accustomed to? Puppet governments that are put into place to give the preception of sovereign native rule, but are really answering to neo colonist who buy off the few powerful families and have no ambition for the country other than war, profit, and control.

The plan

The process is of impoverishing of countries is simplistic in nature. First they find a country that is in a financial crisis, unleash a slew of clandestine agents representing independent firms( not affiliated with any colonizing government on paper) to crash the economy. Offer loans at ridiculous interest rates with the knowledge that the country will never be able to repay( schemed by political/economic think tanks), the debt reduction is offered in exchange for control over resources and allocation of contracts that will be issued by the in dept government for future rebuilding and modernization. In the end the money goes back into the same tyrannical hands, while the impoverished country and its constituents are left starving and working for penny's on the dollar.

Third world country

The term "third world country," was coined during the cold war in which nations that were considered not to be keeping the standard of modernization and technological advancement or not affiliated with Soviet communist or capitalist NATO, to be expendable. The phrases origin stems from France, where society was divided into first estate, second estate, third estate. First and second estate being composed of priest and nobles, and the third was the poor peasant (which made up the majority as usual)Many of these countries were formally colonized by European super powers, then left in rapid decline to face neocolonialism. Their economic masters only loosened the strangle hold of oppression and exploitation, to revamp for the final death blow(total extinction). The new rape of third world countries have been more devastating than previous occupations, with extreme starvation, epidemic disease, and infant mortality at rates 100 times developed countries.

So called"third world country".
So called"third world country". | Source

Permanently imposed famine

International financial institutions are encouraging more exporting of agriculture, while the population of these third world countries are being starved. Neoliberal policies are forced on these countries by the IMF and world bank. that have resulted in government services being eradicated. Many of these nations continue to export tons of food while children die of starvation every day, their own governments and the UN special food program refuse to give food. There justification is that distributing food will disrupt the free marketplace(where inflation is so high average citizens can not afford to shop there) and stagnate efforts to rise out of poverty.

The mere fact that people have to send all their food away to other nations, while they starve to death, is utterly disgusting and shows the perversity of economics and big government on earth. Structural adjustment allows international financial institutions to manipulate interest rates, and also implement ridiculous policies to ensure money is spent with the correct companies. in the name of reducing the nations overall dept. Is there any way to slow this rapid economic extortion of third world nations? The stabilization of third world nations will never succeed if totalitarian powers prevail, population control and resource pillage are the name of the "game" and humans that are considered useless eaters are its subordinates. Global empire is in our midst.

Blue first world, red second world, green third world and underdeveloped countrys
Blue first world, red second world, green third world and underdeveloped countrys | Source


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    • Enuendo77 profile image

      Enuendo77 5 years ago from hub pages U.S.A.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my work. You should be able to read all of my hubs. Let me know if you can't.

    • Caleb DRC profile image

      Caleb DRC 5 years ago

      This was outstanding! I went to your profile to see what else you've written, but only saw three of your nine hubs. Have you written anymore on this subject, and if so, what are the titles?

    • Enuendo77 profile image

      Enuendo77 5 years ago from hub pages U.S.A.

      I appreciate you commenting on my hub. I am fully aware that some regions in Africa suffer from long drouts which affect the food supply, those regions are a minority. Africa is the cradle of civilization where humanity began so i would think that it would be more than enough food to support the people who dwell there. I was focusing more on the humane aspect. How are people around the world allowing food to be taken out of the places that need it the most and given to countries where food is abundant? Books like octopus and authors like John Perkins can teach you a lot about this topic.

    • danfranch profile image

      danfranch 5 years ago from Ecuador currently in the Netherlands

      Famine in the third world can be produced in some forms. For example Nigeria avoids that food supplies arrive to their own population in order to keep the outraged people weak. Or there are other countries like Somalia where simply there are no food. Of course you are right that some countries export food in detriment of their own population. But driving them to death? Could you expand your references about the topic? I would love to read more about that. @danfranch