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Feasibility Report Women Self Employment Fashion Design Center

Updated on April 25, 2012

To develop women stitching unit as self sustainable business enmity.

Women Self Employment Fashion Design Center Feasibility Report

To develop women stitching unit as self sustainable business enmity.

Market Feasibility Report

SWOT Analysis


Good Stitching Skill.

Good Infrastructure.

Long experience of export quality work.

Continuous work from Madera.

Embroidery skill SHG are there.


No designer.

No experience of market driven proud.

No management skill of planning.

No marketing dept.

No proper costing mechanism.


There is market for good quality stitching work.

High end embroidery market is good.

Ready to use/ wear market is increasing at steady rate of 20%.


Big players in the market.

Pricing Production of players.

Mass production of player.

Very competitive market.

Designs of trend changes very fast.

Market Study of findings

Product Development & sale.

Job work.

Product development & sale

Gift Items.


Kids Wear from Terry Towel.

Gift Item(S W O T)

It is a big market 5000, cr. Annually.

Growth rate is 20 %.

Wide range.

Flexible pricing.

Gift Item (Weakness)

a. Very volatile market.

b. Strong big players like Archie's etc.

c. Design Sensitive.

d. Fast Changing.

e. Pricey varies from very low to very high.

Gift Items (Opportunities)

Indian & Foreign market.

New Products & ranges are coming.

Scope for new players.


Big Players & M N C are coming.

They have exclusive chain.

They have having maximum market share.

They are changing market rapictly.

Who fails to change will be wipe out.

S C A R F.(Strength)

Very simple product.

Export market.

Presently exported from India.

Good potential & scope.

S C A R F (Weakness)

Very Limited market.

No market in Western India.

Very small middle east market.

Blue product.

SC A R F (Opportunities)

Return Very good.

Regular market.

Large middle east & Europe market.

Growing & steadily.

S C A R F(Threat)

Bulk producers.

Difficult to get job work & find direct buyers.

Very few exporter with good linkages.

Difficult to get money back early.

Need financial power.


Raw material is easily available at reasonable rate.

Easy to work on.

Not many players.

Vast experience on working with terry towel.


Small market.

Yet to be develop.

Trey Towel to be purchased in bulk(many intensive).

Market driven.

KIDS Opportunities.

Awareness is increasing.

Growth is slow but standby.

Very few players.

Simple Designs.

KIDS Threat

Only premium segment.

Entry difficult.

Only big players can play.

Market is uncertain.

JOB.WORK(Weakness )

Light overhead cost.

High prices.

No contact with market people.

No availability of cheap row material.

JOB WORK (S W O T)#Strength

Long time experience of execution.

Quality conscious conduct.

Good skill level.

Can execute big orders.


Scope for labor intensive job work.

Scope for quality job work.

There is market for good quality embroidery& labour extensive work.

Can develop to export market demands.

JOB WORK(Threat)

No guaranteed work.

Continuous change in work.

Working capital management is tough.

Income is low, therefore price sensitive,can fura company in to red.

Findings From (Gift Item)

a. Wide rang of gift item available.

b. Prices varies from Rs 3- Rs 3,000.

c. Life cycle is small two seas on .

d. Niche market identities.

Finding From Market#SCARF

Not much present in Indian Market.

Exporters are doing job work.

Prices varies from $2 to$10 even $30.

Finding From Market (K I D S)

Not available in small shops/middle.

Inclusive shops (shopper stop) has it .

Prices for set Rs-1200 to Rs-3200.

Sets are sold & no it single item.

Finding from market(Job work)

High End job work(Labor intensive) is available in market.

Commercial organization are also interested.

Furnishing product is good choice for mark

Innovative Ideas one Rewarded.



b.80% job work 20% product.

c. Min.4 different customers for job work.

d. Long term relationship should be build.


should do capacity building for labor intensive higher end product.

Embroidery skills should be developed & merged with stitching skills.

Composite product should be developed designing skills in their peoples.



To contact job work providers, exporters.

To appoints agents on commons ion .

To develop own marketing dep't.

To study feed back.

Appoint marketing personnel.


To develop working relationship with job work provider.

To develop sample for market.

Get market feed back.

Get marketing agents work and assignment.

Develop marketing channels.


Executive orders for job work .

Execute orders for market .

Develop market leakages .

Develop product for market .


should develop it self as tanning institute on commercial grounds for woman’s .

It should have regular training Program for woman’s to build strength & use capacities .

Training & Development should be funded activate .

should do Networking with S H G & other NGO on stitched products.


Proper financial planning.

Detailed production planning.

Product costing.

Long term planning.

Implementation of T Q M.


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