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Finding that balance

Updated on October 23, 2014

The balance of life

I've heard before that some of the most happiest people in this world, have an incredible balance on life. On maintaining a successful career, spouse, children, pets, friends, travel, house work, has time for a morning jog around the town, you name it... they've got a grasp on it and it is all getting done. All day, every day.To me, it sounds, and seems, as if they probably never sleep though. I say that jokingly and with the utmost respect for those that can just get up and go and never seem to stop going. It's truly incredible and important to our lives.

But what happens when one seems to empower all of the rest? When you work so much that you don't have time for the other things? when they get put on the back burner? or possibly, the other way around, more of maintaining the other things, and not necessarily the work? So the most important question that remains then, is this,,, just how do we maintain that balance?

I'd say that the first step would be to recognize it. To see that it is happening and to be able to feel that. Then, reaching out for help (which is not always easy to the proud). Never stop asking questions, I don't care how old you are, if you stop learning... than you have clearly lost the game. Now a days, we have so many re sores available. The internet (please don't believe every single thing that you see or read on there), magazines, books, family, friends, friends of family... these are all ways of reaching out and asking them to help you answer your life's questions and worries.... "am I doing this right?" "Am I on the right track?" but more so, after venting and getting it out in the open... "so where do I go from here?"

I feel that most of the time, those things can be answered by your gut instinct. But yet, sometimes we must hear it's fullest truths to fully comprehend it ourselves, I've always believed in this silly little idea that... when we ask for advice, it's because we don't want to hear the truth, even though we know it already.

Bridget Houcek personal photography

Picture taken from the Japanese Friendship Garden  in The Bay Area California.
Picture taken from the Japanese Friendship Garden in The Bay Area California. | Source


To many, that balance in life involves a great sense of happiness. Of being able to not just do one of those things all of the time, but to be able to branch yourself out and stay open to ALL things while maintaining them all. It's being happy with every aspect of your being 100 percent of the time.

With that, there must be a great sense of maturity in understanding that many things are out of our control. That what we want from this world must be done on our own and that happiness comes from within. When something screams at you with any sort of negativity, there is a need to asses the situation, address what you can can fix, what is not broken, and then move on to the next thing. But we must do this, multiple times throughout our lives. As the world evolves, so do we as individuals. So it is important to, in a sense, check ourselves daily.

If you are unhappy, asses what is causing it. Fix it, and then simply move on.


Mediation rocks in Santa Clara CA.
Mediation rocks in Santa Clara CA. | Source


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