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Foreclosure Cleaning Job Bid: Inside Peek at an Actual $6,120 Foreclosure Cleanup Bid (Part I)

Updated on March 3, 2010

This hub contains information from an actual bid that an Atlanta foreclosure cleanup company did. It’s broken down into two parts. This, Part I, covers the details of the job, ie, the services the client wanted the company to perform. Part II discussing this foreclosure cleaning bid lays out the pricing.

Note: Particulars of every foreclosure cleaning job varies because there are so many factors to consider. Hence, your bid may be higher or lower based on your geographic region, equipment rental costs, labor and other costs associated with doing this type of work.

Foreclosure Cleanup Job Bid: What Client Requested

The client in this case was a realtor. She was preparing a home to be re-rented. The previous tenants had skipped out, leaving a lot of clothing, furniture, exercise equipment and other stuff behind. The home was located in an upscale, executive-caliber neighborhood. It was a tri-level home (including the basement) with tall windows and an attached garage.

All of this is important info to know, because it goes directly to how this bid was prepared, which will be discussed in detail in Part II. Following is what the realtor outlined that she wanted the foreclosure cleaning companies she contacted to handle.

1. Rekeying four doors

2. Installing and/ or repairing garage remote controls

3. Fixing busted screen door

4. Removing trash and debris from front and back yard

5. Mow grass and trim hedges

6. Trash out interior of home, including the basement; removing everything except lawn equipment left behind by previous renters and other items that are clearly marked “Not to Be Removed”)

7. Replace all nonworking light bulbs throughout home

8. Clear dust from all light fixtures and ceiling fans

9. Clean kitchen, including all appliances (range hood, refrigerator, stove, oven, etc.)

10. Clean bathrooms thoroughly and re-caulk tub areas

11. Do touchup painting, including ceiling (which had water stains)

12. Install new vinyl tiles in both upstairs bathrooms

13. Install carpet throughout home, excluding the basement

14. Repair water damaged ceiling in garage

Extras: The realtor noted that if the foreclosure cleaning company rep spotted anything else that she thought needed handling, to note that and submit an estimate for it as well.

The reason this is such a excellent example as a foreclosure cleaning job bid to cover is because there are so many different types of services requested. This is very common in foreclosure clean up.  

HOWEVER, as discussed in this hub on bidding for foreclosure cleaning jobs, you don’t have to bid on every aspect of a job. File this information away for future use.

The Difference between a “Foreclosure Cleanup” Job and a “Real Estate Cleanup” Job

Technically, this is not a foreclosure cleaning job because the property was not foreclosed on. The tenants were in the process of being evicted before they skipped out. Hence, this falls under “real estate cleaning.”

But, don’t be thrown by this because the only difference between real estate cleaning job and a foreclosure cleaning job is in how you choose to pitch the services of your company.

In this climate, foreclosure cleaning is a sizzling small business opportunity. Hence, it makes sense to market your company in this manner.

However, when home foreclosures are no longer in the news as prominently as they are now, your “foreclosure cleaning” business will still thrive. Why? Because foreclosure cleaning is an evergreen business. And, it will remain so because as long asreal estate is bought and sold, it will need to be cleaned out, repaired and maintained – which is exactly what foreclosure clean companies do.


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