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Foreclosure Cleaning Job Bid: Inside Peek at an Actual $6,120 Foreclosure Cleanup Bid (Part II)

Updated on March 3, 2010

The following foreclosure cleaning bid was for a real client in Atlanta, GA. We covered exactly what the realtor (the client) wanted in Part I of this article on how to bid on foreclosure cleaning jobs. Here, we’ll cover – in detail – how we arrived at the actual pricing, in addition to dispensing some other pertinent info.

Total Bid for This Foreclosure Cleaning Job: $6,120

Note: There were certain parts of the job that the foreclosure cleaning company in question chose not to bid on (ie, carpet installation and repairing the ceiling leak in the garage). Although the realtor requested these services initially, she contracted with another company to handle these services.

Bid Specifics

Interior Cleaning: The home was approximately 4,000 square feet (3,966 sq. ft to be exact). This portion of the job included cleaning all rooms including appliance cleaning and cleaning of the ceiling fans and windows. (Refer back to Part I for specifics).

Rekeying Locks: Remember, there were four of these.

Repairing and/or Replacing Garage Remotes: Included repairing and/or replacing (whichever was more cost effective) broken garage door remote control that the realtor had.

Screen Door Repair: There was a broken screen off an entry to the kitchen.

Remove Trash/Debris: From front and back yards. Some items were pretty heavy.

Replace Nonworking Light Bulbs: Client wanted all light fixtures to have working bulbs.

Tub Caulking: As necessary.


Important Note about Pricing Foreclosure Cleaning Jobs

The company’s profit was included in the above quote. According to the foreclosure cleaning business owner, it is their company policy NOT TO give detailed bid breakdowns to clients because sometimes they will use this to price shop and undercut their bids.

In this case, however, the client was provided a “breakout quote” for the painting portion of the job, which brings us to the next section.

Foreclosure Cleanup Bid for Painting Portion of this Job

The quote forwarded to the client included painting the entire interior of the home, including the water-stained areas in the living room off the kitchen. Also included was touch-up painting of square footage not included in main finished area, specifically the "hallway areas" leading to the basement and the garage.

This job estimate did not include painting the actual basement and garage.

Total square footage of area to be painted was $2,644 sq. ft. Client billed at a rate of $1.25 per square foot, which brought the total to . . .


A $50 discount was given to the realtor (she belonged to the FMLS, where she found this foreclosure cleaning company). Hence, they give all prospects that mention this a discount. After this was deducted, the total estimate for this foreclosure cleaning job came to . . . .


As you can see, a lot goes into giving a foreclosure cleanup bid. If it seems overwhelming, don’t worry. The more job estimates you give, the better you will become at it. Learn much more about how to bid on and price foreclosure cleaning jobs.


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    • profile image

      Melony Sigmon 

      8 years ago

      I'm a owner of an cleaning co. We clean move in & outs of apartment, I'm looking to expanding my cleaning to office's, how would I go about Bidding for jobs like this? Or the cleaning of a new home? How do u know how much for sq. ft.?


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