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Foreclosure Cleanup Business Advice: How to Use a Call Intake Form to Get More Foreclosure Cleaning Jobs

Updated on February 1, 2010

If you own a foreclosure cleanup business, or are thinking about starting one, we’ll explain one of the easiest, free things you can do to grow your client list. It’s creating – and using – a caller intake form.

What is a Caller Intake Form?

It’s a form you use to ask questions when prospects call your foreclosure cleaning business. FYI, this is how many giant corporations become successful. They gather information from prospects – even those that don’t buy from them immediately. They use this information to market to them at a later time.

Why Does My Foreclosure Cleaning Business Need to Use a Caller Intake Form

The reason is quite simple. For example, if someone calls your foreclosure cleaning business, they’re interested in your services. Whether they hire you or another firm, the point is, you provide what they need. And, while they may not use you this time, if you have their information, you can market to them continuously. Chances are, at some time in the future, you’re going to be the right firm for them.

Why Junk Mail Is Not Junk When You’re a Business Owner

And, this is why you get what you call so much “junk mail.” It’s not. These companies sending you this junk mail have done their research. And they know that you are a “likely prospect;” that is, one who’s going to buy something at some time from them. While only 1-3% of this form of direct marketing is successful, it’s enough to make it very profitable for firms who have done their homework on their target market.

And, this is what a Caller Intake form does. It allows you to do your homework on your target market. And, this quite simply leads to more foreclosure cleaning jobs.

Do-It-Yourself: Why It’s Quick and Easy to Create a Caller Intake Form

This is a very easy form you can create yourself using MS Word, or any other word processing software. Once you create it, give it to the person answering your phone and instruct them how to use it – and ensure that they do for every call.

Foreclosure Cleaning Business Caller Intake Form: What It Should Include at a Minimum

The Caller Intake form you create for your foreclosure cleaning business should include, at a minimum, the following info:

–Date/Time of Call

–Caller’s Name

–Caller’s Company Name

–Caller’s Contact Info (at minimum, a phone number; if possible an email and mailing address). Note: The person answering your phone can say something to the effect of, “Would you like to subscribe to our newsletter? We offer special deals and discounts on services in it, in addition to providing valuable industry info our prospects can use.”

If the person says yes, then get their email address.

–Location of Prospective Foreclosure Cleaning Job

–Scope of Job (ie, what they want done)

–Job Deadline (When they want the job completed)

–Date/Time Prospect is Available to Meet for Estimate

–How Caller Heard About Your Foreclosure Cleaning Company

Know Day In and Day Out What You Need to Do More to Get More Foreclosure Cleaning Jobs

This simple little form can tell you a ton of information about the day-to-day operation of your business. For example, you can find out how many calls you are getting each day, the types of jobs potential clients are calling about, insight into how many estimates you are asked to give, where the calls are coming from, how many prospects are responding to your marketing campaigns, etc.

By having information like this at your fingertips, you can tailor your marketing efforts to make land more foreclosure cleaning jobs. This one simple little form – that you create from scratch yourself – can help steer the growth pattern of your foreclosure cleanup business.

Learn much more about how this free, simple form can help you grow your foreclosure cleaning business.

Go On an Actual Foreclosure Cleaning Job: THIS is why they pay so well!


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