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Free Plastering Courses and Training to Become a Plasterer Through Manchester Skills Centre

Updated on July 9, 2012

Free Plastering Courses in Manchester & Surrounding Areas

Manchester Skills Centre provides a number of free training courses, including free plastering courses. If you are unemployed and aged from 16 to 80 years of age, male or female, you can apply for a free training course to assist in helping you to become self employed or at the very least, employed within the construction industry.

You can even qualify for your CSCS card through the Skills Centre at no cost ( except for the card itself ) This is not an advertisement as such, I myself am training at the Skills Centre and this is a detailed explanation of how they work to help you gain a diploma in plastering, steer you in the direction for obtaining you NVQ levels, and even find you employment opportunities or placements with construction companies.



Joining any of the free training courses is very simple. Telephone or email them, tell the person whom answers the phone what you would like to learn and you are already on your way. If you are claiming job seekers allowance or any other type of benefit, they will also help you sort out any necessary paperwork. You do not need to live in Manchester to qualify for a position. College courses for plastering also include a day release scheme.

A simple test follows to indicate where you are academically, which has no bearing on offering any person a position. Waiting times vary for courses to start depending, on the type of course chosen. I waited approximately 6 weeks for a free plastering course position to become available, and I have not looked back since.

Free Link To: Free Courses From The Manchester Skills Centre

Learning About Plasterboarding
Learning About Plasterboarding
Learning Rendering & Plastering
Learning Rendering & Plastering
Learn how to plaster awkward shapes
Learn how to plaster awkward shapes
Training for plastering holes in walls
Training for plastering holes in walls

Plastering Courses

Training to become a plasterer is one of the best moves I have ever undertaken, even at the age of 46. From the moment I walked through the door the hands-on training began. I was showed where the tools were, how to use them, given some render and told to render a wall. Brilliant. No making tea, no long lectures, and no hassle.

The first hour or so was spent getting used to the hawk and float, how to use them and preventing masses of render sliding off the float and onto the floor. All the render is reusable here, so there is very little waste and no scornful looks if you drop half a ton of render onto the floor. Follow the link above to read about the teachers, they are so laid back and helpful that they should get an OBE.

Knowledge and Qualifications Required

NONE. You do not need anything to join this free plastering course. I knew how to fill a hole with poly-filler prior to starting my course only 16 days ago, and now I can get render onto a wall without it falling off. They teach you very quickly, in no time at all most students appear to of been rendering for weeks or even months.

They understand that each person will learn at their own pace and generally coax them into being more confident within themselves. A boy ( 18 years old ) joined 8 days ago, he was very shy and ate his lunch on his own, never talked to anybody, and stayed by himself. Today he was taking the mick out of me because my missus had just bought three chickens from a pet shop instead of the supermarket.

The free, not cheap, but free plastering courses do not just teach a person how to render.

The training courses allow a person to adapt to a working schedule, develop their own morals and ethics, how to work as part of a team or as an individual. The teaching team and pupils all tend to become an extended family of sorts. Even all the overalls and protective clothing is supplied free.

Learning Floor Screeding
Learning Floor Screeding


The free training courses offered through Skills Centre do not cost anything and they could seriously ensure a good income for any student. There is no catch, no small print, and no contracts or obligations. What have you got to lose ?

Call or email them now, the sooner you do, the sooner your life can change for the better. Follow the link above in the opening chapter for all contact details.

5 stars for Manchester Skills Centre

If you have trained or know someone who has trained at Manchester Skills Centre, how did you / they find it there?

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After training at Manchester Skills Centre, did you / they find employment ?

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