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Manchester Skills Centre Offers Free Training Courses For The Construction Industry, IT, Hair & Beauty & More......

Updated on August 23, 2013

Manchester Skills Centre Free Training Courses & Apprenticeships

Manchester Skills Centre is the North Wests' most prestigious training centre.

Government funded courses for many practical trades such as plumbing, plastering, and bricklaying, as well as hair and beauty and IT, are taught to the highest of industry standards, and it is usually free.

The free training courses offered, permit each person to achieve an internationally recognised diploma, and to work towards their chosen NVQ. Many students are found on-going apprenticeships or employment within Manchester once they have finished their training course through Manchester Skills Centre

There are no age restrictions for any of the courses. Courses are for three or four days a week lasting 4/6 months. Day release for apprenticeships are also available.


Courses Offered


Plastering, Plumbing, Gas

Electrics, Scaffolding, Carpentry,

Kitchen Fitting, Maintenance


Re-spraying, Body Work, Repairs

Hair & Beauty

Hairdressing, Nails, Beauty,


Web design, Marketing, Advertising, Design Technology.

There are many other courses available through Manchester Skills Centre.

Hair Dressing
Hair Dressing

Staff / Tutors

The staff at Manchester Skills Centre have been selected for their professionalism, craftsmanship, and their amazing ability to teach.

Their caring, yet stringent approach to teaching methods has resulted in a fantastic 99% pass rate amongst students, ensuring the best possible employment prospects.

The staff, from receptionists and PA's to upper management and tutors are friendly, very polite, and always ready to help.

NB. Speaking from a personal experience, I have never come across tutors with as much dedication to training others as there are at the Manchester Skill Centre.

All tutors give one to one tutelage and advice to students. This creates a unique bond of trust and admiration as the students develop their skills which comply to industry standards across the globe.

Teamwork is an essential part of training, especially for scaffolders whom may rely on their team-mates not to drop them from a height.

Training begins on the first day. No making tea, no watching other people working, and no being a labourer. You begin training the minute you walk through the door.

The tutors relaxed methods of teaching encourages students to develop their individual skills at their own pace, without unmanageable deadlines. At the Skills Centre, students are not only taught their chosen profession, but are also groomed for future work ethics and standards.

Unauthorised absences, lateness, incorrect safety wear, swearing, discrimination, and laziness are frowned upon. A willingness to learn is the most important factor for any student wishing to expand their knowledge in their chosen field and to secure their own future.


The market is awash with cowboy builders, slap happy plasterers, and some very dodgy hair stylists. ManchesterSkills Centre provides training techniques to ensure each candidate achieves a certain degree of professionalism, and a well earned diploma which is recognised in their chosen profession the world over.

The diploma is a qualification which is recognised by industry and may be legally required to work on some building sites, salons or within certain companies. Without it, a person would just be one of the millions of unqualified people searching for employment.

Many graduates have gone on to work for British Gas, private electric, plumbing and IT companies as well as becoming self employed. Manchester Skills Centre free training courses gives a person a chance to stand out from the crowd and be noticed by prospective employers.


All the courses are free for the unemployed.

Travel from pre-designated points across Manchester are arranged free.

Initial uniform or overalls are free. Work boots, gloves, and safety goggles are also free.

You have nothing to lose to improve your chances of employment.

The on-site cafe provides hot meals and snacks from early in the morning till late afternoon. The prices are subsidised and therefore quite low. Meals are cooked to order and actually have taste, and can be eaten in the large dining area.

Smoking is prohibited throughout the building, but there is a designated smoking area for all students.

There is also a student car park for all motors and bikes.

Secure Your Future

Your future depends on you.

You will need to provide a lifestyle for yourself and your future family. The people at Manchester Skills Centre offer advice and training for each person to achieve individual goals.

Preparation is the key, a training course will help many people from the North of England become their own boss or find the type of employment they would like.

The Skills Centre provides training throughout the North West of England, including Manchester, Stockport, Bolton, Widnes, Salford, and Swinton.

If you would like more information on free training courses in Manchester, please contact us on the details below.

Contact Details

Phone Number: 0845 602 9469



Editors Note

Since undertaking a free plastering course at the Manchester Skills Centre, I have passed the G.O.L.A. exam with them.

On applying for three jobs within 2 days of passing my exam, I got offered all three jobs within a day of each other.

Without the guidance and assistance from the staff at this centre, I would still be possibly seeking job-seekers allowance. Now I have money and a future.

FREE link to: CSCS Card Revision Notes.


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