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Frustrated Job Hunters Need a Lifeboat Job

Updated on November 16, 2009

 We all know that 2009 and most likely 2010 will NOT be a time of gainful employment for millions of chronic unemployed people, regardless of their education, expertise, or career. We know this because nearly all of the experts have told us that 2010 will be like this. So, what are the 14.5 million unemployed suppose to do when there are only 2.4 million jobs? Employers are taking only the pick of the litter, the best of the best in their eyes. This was not the case even two years ago. Some economists claim job growth will remain bad for two years as the economy attempts to recover.

You may be unemployed for 10 months already. Your resume may be rated A+ by those in the know. Maybe you have expired all your unemployment benefits and are not able to get a federal extension or worse, your extended benefits are about to end! You have read all the books about this dilemma, have networked until you are sick of it, have applied for every job within your skills, even willing to relocate during the work week, yet, nothing changes. You are now feeling threatened as your reserves in your bank account or retirement are expended just to survive. You calculate just how long you can last or how low are you willing to allow your bank savings to drop until panic sets in.

For those who are working, don't be so smug. It can and might just occur to you as unexpected as it has for millions who thought they were immune from being jobless for whatever reason.

Formerly known as a "taxi job" years back, the "lifeboat job" is now being recommended by many professional job specialists. The lifeboat boat job is just that--a lifeboat to save you financially. This means swallowing pride, ego and whatever other hangups you may have in taking a low skill job (some call them "shit jobs") that is clearly way beneath your education and skillset. This job  is within 30 miles of your residence and can be landed within 30 days, pays at least 70% of your usual job, allows you to pay your living expenses. Of course, even if the job pays only 50% of your usual job, one should take it, if offered.

The point is to work until the economy recovers making just enough to get by and to prevent deep loss from savings or retirement. It is a taxijob, for it takes you from one gig to another maybe until you do secure a job in your usual field. Of course, if you are the end of your hope you already are willing to take anything, however, the sad thing is, that your skills and education are of little help and probably are a detriment when applying for a low skill job like a cashier, Starbucks, clerk. Worse, now you, a professional, are competing for a gig that usually goes to students half your age or unskilled workers, both who do not expect high wages. Think about what the interviewing manager must be thinking as he looks at your impressive resume and many years of experience, let alone what income he knows you are use to making and it is enough to throw your hands up and hit the wall with your fist.

Maybe even getting a lifeboat job for a professional out of work is near impossible, but you still need to try for it-you gotta survive!



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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 7 years ago

      Of course in this economy, it remains easier said than done for a variety of reasons. For instance, US Census jobs. To get one, one must score 90 and better on the test. In fact, if there is a glut of highly educated people, then one must score 95 and better to get the temp job that pays $15-21.

    • profile image

      Neil McNulty 7 years ago

      Good article. I came up with the lifeboat job concept: within 30 miles of your home; can be landed in 30 days, and pays 70% of your previous compensation. The basis of my best selling book "The Quick 30/30 Job Solution", co authored by Dr. Ron Krannich, the nation's top career book author. Book's Foreword by Joyce Lain Kennedy...the top nationally syndicated career advice columnist. WR/Neil McNulty