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Updated on January 9, 2012
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Ben is scientist, teacher, researcher and author who loves to help you to be more, do more and achieve more. He is an Amazon kindle author

Master the principles of goal acheiver

What is it to be a goal achiever? What characteristics or attributes do goal achievers have in common?

Goal achievers are individuals who by their way of thinking have learnt to see problems as goals and set in motion strategies to make the solution feasible. They have developed abilities to control their thinking, emotions and behaviors in such a ways to move them towards the realization of their desired state. Most of the time this ability is sewn as a secret but goal achievers have no secret but have mastered principles that lead them to the successful outcome that they dream about.

In these series of articles, I will looking at the attributes that make goal achievers stand out from the rest of us.


Goal achievers are big doers and big dreamers. Every great achiever starts with a dream. But dream is not enough. You have to learn how to turn the dream to intelligent steps that are actionable. Great achievers realise that for them to actualize their dream they need to take action. massive dream plus massive action leads to a successful outcome.

First any graet achievement starts with a dream. Then you need to understand how to transform the dream into action that will lead to your desired outcome. It is either that the achiever has learnt how to catch his dream or he knows a dream catcher. Great achievers has learnt how to turn their dream as objective, and them begin to figure how to turn this objection to reality. They know that they and they alone will make their dream a reality. Hence they take massive action for the dream to come true.

"A person who has a dream knows what he is willing top give up in order to go up.

John C. Maxwell - Pastor and Leadership Expert

As you can see from thr above, dreamers know what they need to give up in order to go up. Do you want to be a dreamer and doers? Then you need to ...


i read an interesting story in Rob Parsons book; The heart of Success - Making it in business without losing in life. It is an encouragement of how to cultivate this habit of great achievers. It was a residential conference of business leaders where Rob Parson wasa speaker. At the end of this meeting, one of the speaker was to round up the outcome of the meeting and called on the participant to a challenge concerning what they have heard for the past twenty four hours. He reminded them of how the gifted speakers have impacted their lives in meaningful ways. Seeds were handed out to the participants with tiny clay pots with bags of earth. Every delegate was asked to take a step of faith and plant the seed. He said that if you want a vision to grow there are three conditions: first you have a seed , then you need to actually plant it and third, it helps if you remember to water it occasionally!

One by one every delegate come forward and planted a seed. (Not forgetting the third injunction - watering the seed for them to have a full plant). But one man held back. According to Rob parson, he collected the his pot, scooped little earth into the pot, collected the seed, but slipped his seed into his pocket.

Why did this man refuse to plant his seed out of the forty delegates? Was the task demeaning, therefore he did not want to dirty his hand. May be he thought, 'I will do it later.'

Forty people walked out of that room having planted a dream - and one man left with the dream on his pocket?

Does this story sound familiar? Today how can you make your dream a reality? What action can you take today, towards the realization of your dream?

Achievers are big doers and big dreamers!


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