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Make Money Scrapbooking

Updated on August 3, 2016
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With over 14 years of Internet experience, I can help you find ligitimate ways to get money online and off.

Make Money From Scrapbooking or Digital Scrapbooking

As soon as I discovered digital scrapbooking I was all over it like a glue stick on the back of a photo, and it wasn’t just because of the money that I was saving by creating my own digital scrapbooking decorations, embellishments, and pages, or the fact that digital scrapbooking has allowed me to keep all my precious photo memories in their original form, yet still allow me to make my families’ photos more captivating, it was the added bonus that digital scrapbooking and scrapbooking in general is just a really fun and creative way for me to earn some extra money from the comfort of my home being a creative memories consultant.

Make money from your scrap-booking talents and turn them into a scrapbooking business.
Make money from your scrap-booking talents and turn them into a scrapbooking business. | Source

You may be thinking “I like scrapbooking and I’m really great at it, maybe I can earn some extra money from my scrapbooking talents. How can I get money from scrapbooking and digital scrapbooking?” Well I won’t lie to you, the more skills and creativity you have the more possibilities you will have to turn your digital scrapbooking talents into extra money, maybe even turn them into a scrapbooking business as a creative memories consultant, but here are some ideas and advice to get started so that even if you only have an eye for creative page layout can still help you get money from your scrapbooking talents.

What Skills Do I Need to Make Money With My Scrapbooking Talents?

With "big brother's" ever increasing hold on how people make money and account for the money they make, you're going to want a few more skills then the obvious creativity it takes to do scrapbooking, as once you start to make money from anything, "big brother" wants his cut. Since you are technically starting a business scrapbooking, some of the skills you're going to need to start making money from scrapbooking to keep "big brother" off your back are some good organization, the basics in small business management, some book keeping, and accounting. However, having a little marketing know how will help save you some money and get your scrapbooking business rolling. You can pick up these skills by searching the Internet for information on small business basics, company management, and other related terms, or you can sign up for courses in your community.

How to Make Money From Scrapbooking and Digital Scrapbooking

If scrapbooking is flowing through your blood or you have an eye for creative page layout to the point that when you see a photo you instantly start to picture just the right embellishments that will make that photo really stand out, then you will be happy to know that you can turn that talent into extra money very easily just by offering your scrapbooking or digital scrapbooking services to people in your community and on the Internet. Of course with this method of turning your scrapbooking talents into extra money you will need to either meet with clients or have another method of communicating with clients that will allow you to obtain photos and any ideas that your client would like implemented in the layout, as well as to deliver the completed project to the client.

Depending on your skills and what you can offer your clients you should require a compensation fee that will suffice any expenses incurred to make the final project and the time and energy you put into making the project, but at the same time be competitive with other creative memories consultants who are offering scrapbooking or digital scrapbooking services. You can get a good idea of what your competitors offer and what their prices are by searching local classified ads and your phone book for creative memories consultant businesses that offer scrapbooking services or search online sites such as Craigslist and Elance to see what others are charging for their services.

Make More Money Scrapbooking with Image Editing Software

If you have artistic talents as well as have some experience with image editing software like Photoshop, GIMP, Illustrator, or Fireworks then you can not only offer your clients more bling for their cha-ching, but if you wanted you could skip all the work of laying out the scrapbook pages and just create digital scrapbook kits to sell. It seems that digital scrapbooking gets a pretty good amount (a little over 200k, according to Google’s Keyword tool) of people around the world searching for it and if you are already creating digital pages, embellishments, alphabets, and other decorations for your clients’ other creative memories needs, then why not turn them into digital scrapbooking kits to sell online? If you are worried about the cost of having a website of your own to sell your digital scrapbooking kits on don’t worry too much as there are several websites like that will allow you to sell your kits for a minimal percentage of commissions to help you start making money.

If you are quite skilled at using image editing software, and you would like to do more than just design scrapbooking kits, you can take those graphic art skills and offer your customers a way to restore some of their old worn out photos. When it comes to a scrapbooking business graphic art skills can really boost your earning potential, so if you don't have any graphic art skills yet, and you want to optimize your earning potential, I suggest you pick up a book or two on some of those good image editing programs I mentioned earlier.

Promote Your Scrapbooking Business

If you want to get money for your scrapbooking services or digital scrapbooking kits, you need to promote yourself, let your community know about your services or products so that you have more potential to make money as a creative memories consultant. You may start to make money selling digital scrapbooking kits by just placing them on a website that is already selling kits, however, without promotion you might not see much of an income (yeah, sorry to say but you are now entering the evil world of advertisement). You can start promoting your scrapbooking services or digital scrapbooking kits through classified websites like Craigslist, social networks like Facebook, your local newspaper, or you can place brochures and business cards in places like craft fairs, libraries, and community centers, where people who like to scrapbook or may want the help of a creative memories consultant would frequent.

Which is Better for a Scrapbooking Business?

Wich do you prefer: scrapbooking or digital scrapbooking?

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With a bit of creativity, a good image manipulation program, and these ideas on how you can get money from scrapbooking turning your talents into a scrapbooking business as a creative memories consultant,you can get started making money today.

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  • HowCanIGetMoney profile image

    HowCanIGetMoney 5 years ago

    Thanks Kimberly Vaughn for your comment & reading my hub, I actually got the idea that you can turn your scrapbooking into a business from a small local graphics business I went to inquire about any job openings.

  • Kimberly Vaughn profile image

    Kimberly Vaughn 5 years ago from Midwest

    I had no idea this type of job existed! Great hub!

  • HowCanIGetMoney profile image

    HowCanIGetMoney 5 years ago

    Thanks Tammy for checking out my scrapbooking business idea and for your great comment, I hope you do well with your business ventures.

  • profile image

    Tammy 5 years ago

    What great ideas to get started making money scrapbooking, I bet with all the two income households out there, there are quite a bit of people who are just to busy to make a scrapbook themselves. Thanks for the info.