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How to Get a Job in BPO or Call Center Sector

Updated on January 11, 2017
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Kannan has had wide and varied work experience. Also he loves to interview people from different industry and write pages to help readers.

A happy call center employee.
A happy call center employee. | Source

BPO jobs are plenty and so there is always a need for employees in various organizations. Also the attrition level is high in this industry. That is people leaving a job in one BPO and joining other BPO or other jobs are high. The industry is constantly in need of new people.

Take any daily newspaper and you are bound to find jobs in the BPO sector. Either the companies will directly advertise or some placement agency will advertise on their behalf. Whatever the case may be there is job for everyone. The industry as such is also not looking for highly qualified or overqualified individuals. To get a job in this industry a normal graduate or even undergraduate is good enough to enter the industry.

The primary aspect here is that they must be absolutely fluent in their spoken English and must have the ability to converse well, should properly listen and understand, and would be able to help the customer to make them satisfied and happy with their service.

Meaning and the Type of Work Involved

BPO as in Business Process Outsourcing the meaning of the term is in its name itself, it means that a business process is being outsourced to other company so that the primary company can look to concentrate on the core job of the company.

A business can outsource any of its operation such as handling customer calls, doing after sales support, maintaining accounts or billing, data entry operations or any such work that does not involve personal meetup. With technology nowadays most of these work can be outsourced.

Why do then business outsource such operations to these countries is that they can save cost and a huge amount of it. The cost to serve the customer becomes very low and the company saves tremendously which the company can put in product development or research.

Why do Companies Outsource?

So there comes countries such as India, Philippines and other countries with good English speakers and skilled workforce. Businesses look for places where labour is cheap and where there are large number workers.

Also the cost of the workforce is tremendously lower than the cost of an employee in the businesses local country. For example if an Indian employee can get anywhere between 15,000 Rs to 25,000 Rs, however, there American counterparts can get as much as 15 USD to 20 USD per hour which comes to around 3000 USD to 5000 USD per month. Can you imagine how much the company is saving by employing people from other countries and in the long term the savings just manifolds. These increased capital can then be invested in other areas thereby increasing profitability.

The type of work involved can be of taking inbound calls of customers or doing outbound calls to prospects to make sales. Or might even be hearing recorded messages and entering that data in proper fields. There can be umpteen different types of BPO's.

What Positions Are Available in a BPO?

Voice, Semi-Voice and Back Office

Majorly there are voice processes and then there are also positions that are semi-voice or back-office jobs. For semi-voice processes they will both test your voice accent as well as knowledge for the said process. These process can be financial process, technical process or even health process.

For voice processes they will primarily judge the tone of your voice and the accent you have. They normally look for a neutral voice accent so that with proper accent training they can be moulded in a different country-specific process such as US, UK or Australia. Most people with an accent that has a mother-tongue effect on their voice are not selected. Try to keep your voice in a neutral accent and talk slowly.

For both semi-voice and back office, knowledge of the process along with good typing speed to complete the work fast is necessary. A financial BPO will require that candidates have basic knowledge of financial terms whereas a technical process BPO will want that the employee is good with solving technical queries and has some knowledge in basic computer software and hardware.

Many undergraduates and graduates apply for jobs in this industry. Just like any other job this also requires that one must learn about the industry and know about the industry before applying for an interview. Most people don't do this. The interviewer will come with different questions for which you can only answer when you know something about the industry. Do research a bit about the current happenings of the industry on the net.

For students who are directly out of college and are freshers one question often arises that "Why do you want to join the BPO industry?" and for undergraduates one other question might be that "Why don't you want to complete your graduation?". The industry also gives jobs to people who might have flunked, they might question "Why do you want to work in between of your education?". These sort of questions are better answered on an individual to individual basis but you must convince the interviewer that you are fit for this job and will work for long-term.

Other Higher Level Positions

  • There are also positions for experienced professionals such as Team Leaders, Process Leaders, Project Managers, and Operations Managers.
  • For positions of project managers and operations managers the company normally requires MBA with 8-10 years of experience.

How to Get a Job in BPO or Call Center

They only need good English speakers and skilled workers. So majority of the questions for your interview will also be roaming around the fact that you can speak fluently and are able to do the job and are tech savvy.

If you are trying to get a job in domestic call center they seek that you can speak the local language and also relatively good English. For example a domestic call center in India can be of say a Vodafone Customer Care in Mumbai wherein the agents need to know to speak English, Hindi and even Marathi if a customer wants only to speak in Marathi. Or for a customer care for a bank in Tamil Nadu will require people to speak in Tamil as well as in English.

You might be next!
You might be next! | Source

Steps to Follow for Getting a BPO Job

  1. Look for jobs in daily newspaper or websites. Interviews will most probably be walkins as the hiring manager would want to test more people face-to-face and get the best out the lot.
  2. If the advertisement says that you should send them your resume then do the same with an appropriate cover letter. Most probably you'll get a call from the employer which might ask for details which in a way will be an impromptu phone interview. Some will say you directly visit the office and some will first take your interview on the phone itself. They do this to check the clarity in your voice and your confidence on the phone. So be prepared for the same.
  3. Look for a job which is closer to your house. The closer the better and I know this is a priority without saying.
  4. Prepare for the actual interview. Look for probable interview questions and tips on the web.
  5. Research about the company and present yourself as the ideal person for the job. But be truthful don't forge anything.
  6. Visit the company in a proper dress i.e formals. Typically the interview might have more than one rounds. These rounds can involve an aptitude test, computer proficiency test, and the one-on-one personal interview which will most probably take place at the last.
  7. Get fluent in English, be confident, energetic and all the best for your career.


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    • profile image

      mahi 2 years ago

      which kind of a job your looking for in a bpo?

    • sanasiddiqui profile image

      sanasiddiqui 2 years ago

      Good and Important hub for those who have interest in BPO or call center jobs. All steps give a clear description.