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Getting The Message Out With Printed Logo Drink Bottles

Updated on November 23, 2010

The best beverage for your body and budget is usually water, usually, but not always, because bottled water can be expensive. Since the world is 3/4 water, such an abundant fluid should not empty your bank account and fill garbage cans. The liquid from most faucets is just as healthy if not better than what comes from disposable bottles. People just need a handy way to carry it like washable reusable bottles. Once you decide you like a drink bottle, you can think about investing in printed water bottles with your logo. You can learn more about costs and where to get your own logo water bottles.

"steel water bottle" by Robert Couse-Baker
"steel water bottle" by Robert Couse-Baker | Source

The small business advantage

You do not have to have a big business to invest in selling or giving away the printed water containers. Billboards are expensive and people sometimes complain about so many of them on the highway. In addition, people do not keep a billboard to look at every day. A person with a container with your business logo will likely think of your business every time they enjoy a cool drink. Imagine the next parade on your business float throwing drink bottles to the crowd. Children believe anything thrown from a parade float is worth its weight in gold. Parents might be thrilled to have something to bring to the next parade to keep the family hydrated.

Bring out the team spirit

A school can have some printed with the school name and mascot to sell at fundraisers. Some kids, with financially and environmentally conscious parents, will enjoy bringing their beverage to school in the school’s official drink bottle. Members of sports teams may feel they show the most loyalty by having the most stuff with the team logo. Since athletes need a lot of hydration, such a product is just the thing to carry the proud label. 

Show off the Holy Spirit

Churches often given out free beverages because Jesus says that giving in His name, is doing it for Him, if churches printed bottles with a scripture verse and maybe the name of the church, the gift can be even more meaningful. Having it with scriptures would also be great for kids at Vacation Bible School. VBS often involves a lot of outside games in the hot summer heat.  Parents, who are wanting to constantly expose their kids to the Bible, would gladly buy a printed scripture bottles to keep their child hydrated during the hot outdoor games. Churches can sell the bottles with the VBS t-shirts. Drinking containers would be very special with a picture of a cross, a dove, or some other symbols.

The family logo

Just for the fun of it, you might want to think up a family reunion logo and get together with the extended family and order enough for everybody at the reunion picnic. Think about what picture best represents your family. Maybe there is some kind of animal you all like or a slogan you think brings you all together or shows how close you already are. Maybe heart and flower designs would please the crowd.  Do not forget to have a date put on the container so everybody has a wonderful keepsake to remember the family fun times.

Many different types of drink bottles

You do not have to just use plastic water bottles. Plastic is cheap and light weight, but there is some debate has to how healthy it is especially for drinks other than plain water. Plastic cannot always be boiled sterile without melting and it absorbs odors and bacteria. Drink bottles also come in aluminum but there is research that concludes it is possible that aluminum contributes to Alzheimer’s disease and maybe ought to be avoided. The water bottles also come in stainless steel and are still colorful. Stainless steel has long proved to be the healthiest and longest lasting when used for cooking or containing food or drinks.

How are printed water bottles made?


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