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How to Get Your Own Logo Water Bottles

Updated on November 23, 2010

Are you looking for your own logo or image on reusable water bottles? Custom water bottles are great to get the word out about your organization, or to bring your organization together and help them feel a part of something. People can see water bottles with your images on them everywhere such as the gym, at home, at work or just walking around, creating brand awareness. Reusable water bottles help save the planet, too, by reducing waste created by disposable water bottles, 90% of which end up in landfills instead of being recycled appropriately. In this article, we’re going to help you pick the right kind of water bottles to put your logo on.

"steel water bottle" by Robert Couse-Baker
"steel water bottle" by Robert Couse-Baker | Source

Why are you looking for images/logos on water bottles?

It’s important you clarify why you want your own logo on water bottles and who they will be given to. This will clarify which kind of water bottle you will go for. A plastic sports bottle may be cheaper, but think of the impression it will make on the final user. Perhaps a laser-etched stainless steel, BPA-free water bottle will make a better impression. Be careful of being, “penny wise and pound foolish”. You can find more great ideas on what you can use a custom printed drink bottle.

Watch out for BPA!

What are some varieties of water bottles?

There are many different kinds of water bottles out there for you to choose from. An easy way to choose a water bottle is to choose the colour and shape you like best, and there’s no shortage of interesting colours and shapes! You usually have a choice of wide-mouth and narrow mouth water bottles, so consider how the end users are going to be using them. Wide mouth makes it easier to clean and to put in ice cubes, while narrow mouth makes it easier drink while moving and to avoid spills.

Should I go stainless steel, plastic or polycarbonate/nalgene?

You may want to consider what the bottle is made of. Your options include polycarbonate water bottles (similar to Nalgene water bottles), plastic water bottles and aluminum or stainless steel water bottles. You will also want to make sure the water bottles you are receiving are BPA-free because BPA is considered toxic to human health. You can also find eco-friendly bottles that are often made of bio-degradable materials such as bamboo, unlike plastics which can take millennia to break apart. Stainless steel/aluminum water bottles are often recyclable, thus also helping the planet.

Plastic bottles tend to be the cheapest and offer a variety of options for displaying your images or logo. Polycarbonate water bottles and aluminum/stainless steel water bottles are similar in price.

One great upside to polycarbonate water bottles is the bottle does not retain the taste or smell of the liquids put in there and cleans easily.

How much do logo water bottles cost?

If you’ve ever had t-shirts printed, you may have noticed that the cost for printing five t-shirts vs printing ten t-shirts wasn’t significantly different. That’s because of the setup cost of setting up to do the actual printing, including labour, parts and materials. Similarly, the more water bottles you order at once, the cheaper each water bottle will be. Additionally, due to the processes used to print onto water bottles, often the image printing will cost “per colour”.

What kind of process is used to print onto the water bottles also adds costs. On stainless steel bottles, for example, you have three options: pad printing/silk screening (not very durable when on steel but cheap), decals (more durable, though can look unprofessional and can be taken off by users) and laser etching (professional and looks good, but more expensive).

Setup costs for imprinted water bottles is usually around $50 per colour. Plastic water bottles should cost less than a dollar each depending on quality and quantity. Aluminum water bottles can cost as low as $2.50 or so, while polycarbonate bottles can cost around the same.

Do remember, however, that you get what you pay for and consider carefully whether a more expensive water bottle such as an aluminum one that will last longer won’t make a better impression or help you achieve your desired result.

Where can I buy these logo imprinted water bottles?

There’s lots of options for buying water bottles with images on them. As with many things, the internet offers great savings, so definitely Google around to find good vendors in your area if possible. Some vendors specialize in speed and charge a premium for extremely fast turn around times.

Be sure to shop around for quotes from multiple vendors before making your decision. You can also try to find reviews or referrals amongst family, friends or colleagues to make sure you are choosing a reputable vendor.

Be sure to request a sample if possible before putting the order in to ensure you get what you’re looking for.

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How are logos printed on water bottles?


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