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Updated on April 22, 2010


As a team one should collectively mindful of the many priorities and programs which must compete within the framework of a constrained estimated budget. Accordingly it determined to implement a cost effective program to deliver the system and support the client in achievement of their objectives and helps in Company cost cutting by modification and improvement of HR processes.

HR Solution:

The solution contains the necessary elements to deliver a successful HRsystem which will be fully capable of successfully processing multiple task of HR in including Hiring and maintaining a database of employees which helps organization in cost cutting and being more productive. The system will integrate smoothly into The Company existing environment and will be implemented with reliability and flexibility as key critical success factors.

· It will help an organization to cut costs;

· Implementation of certain methodologies in an effort to remain competitive; and

· An effort to enhance positive perception in market.

Conventionally business processing outsourcing is seen as a means of driving efficiency through cost reduction. Organizations with advance viewpoint will consider other factors, in addition to cost reduction, when evaluating and designing HR solutions. HR value can be considered to be a function of a number of interrelated factors. Different Organizations will have different drivers and choices for each of these factors, resulting in different HR value propositions.

· All Human Resource Service will be provided.

· Own the organization with regards to the services required as part of the reorganization of all or part of the HR department.

· Will focus more resources on HR strategy rather than process.

· HR Training will be provided in an effort to enhance performance.

· As part of the rollout of new methodologies/technology; and Issues would be resolved on urgent basis.

· Organization information would be kept secret.

· Before the induction of the resource, would like to have the consent of the Management of The Client

· Issues would be resolved on urgent basis.

· Adopt an Effective Approach in hiring the Employees.


It believes that the combination of:

  • Company's understanding of your objectives.
  • Company's understanding of your Human Resource environment.
  • Company's long term business relationship with The Client.
  • Company's commitment to the use of effective and repeatable development and HR management techniques.
  • The project organization and project resources proposed.
  • The effective & flexible solution proposed.
  • The work plan proposed.
  • Company's understanding of the risks in the project work plan, and our focus on early development and implementation, in order to prevent lacking expertise/experience.


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