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Human Resource Management System

Updated on April 28, 2010

1. Organization Structure
- Define Company and Location
- Define Department and Designation
- Define State and Area
2. Roles and User Management
- Create Roles with Privileges like View , Add , Delete and Edit
- Create Users and assign roles, company and location.
- Roles such as Payroll Admin, Time Keeping Admin, PMS Admin, ESS (Employee Self Service view), MSS view (Managerial self Service View), Guest, SUPER USER Or HR HEAD View.
3. Employee Information
- General Information
- Academic Information
- Experience Information
- Leave Information
- Training Information
- Compensation Information
- Job Profile
- Medical Information
4. Organization Chart
- Department wise Organization Chart
- Designation Wise Organization Chart
- Manager Wise Organization Chart
- Company Wise Organization Chart
5. Leave and Attendance Management
- Configure Business Rules For Leave, Attendance, Shift, Overtime etc.
- Interface with Any Attendance Machine (Bio-metrics, Punch Card, etc…..)
- Shift Management with Shift Correction Facility, different type of parameters coverings best business practices.
- Overtime with Application and Approval Facility
- Holiday and Weekly Off Management with Employee Wise Facility
- Leave Management with Application and Approval
- On Duty Application and Approval
- Advance Leave Application and Approval
- Year End Process For Leave Transfer
- Manual Entry and Corrections.
- Multiple Approval of On Duty, Leave, Overtime, Advance Leave etc. For HR Department
- Attendance Run and Authorization For Locking the monthly Attendance
- Mail and SMS integration with this module.
- MIS Reports
Attendance Reports
Annual Muster
Over Time Reports
Leave, On Duty, and Advance Leave
Annual, Monthly and Daily Attendance Reports
Other Useful Reports
6. Pay Construction
- Define Pay Elements
- Define Unlimited Earning , Deductions, Post Earning, Reimbursement and Off-Cycle Pay Elements
- Define Complex Formulas for Pay Elements
- Design Pay Structure For Employees
- Assign Pay Structure To Employees with Different Pay Modes like Bank Transfer, Cash, Cheque etc.
7. Pay Configurations
- Provident Fund and VPF (Voluntary Provident Fund) with Provident Fund Group
- Leave Travel Allowance (LTA)
- Pay Group For Different Pay Run
- Leave Encashment Based on Pay Elements
- Overtime Ratio with Designation and Pay Elements
- Loans and Advance with Automated Recovery Scheduling Feature
- Bonus Feature For any pay Elements
- Professional Tax with Professional Tax Group based on Different Countries/States/Authorities
8. Pay Run and Authorization For Locking the Payroll For Particular Month
9. Pay Adjustment For particular Month with addition, subtraction, replacing and assigning new elements for any employee
10. Check List For Errors and Warnings Generated During Pay Run
11. Stop Payment and Release Payment Feature
12. Off Cycle Payroll run for Elements which are managed separately
13. Pay Structure Revision and Authorization for Confirmation
14. Arrear Calculation and Authorization
15. Overtime Calculation and Authorization with Separate Pay Slip Feature
16. Bonus Calculation and Authorization with Separate Pay Slip Feature
17. Full and Final Settlement Procedure
18. Reimbursement Calculation and Authorization Based on Bill Submission and Special Reimbursement Slip generation
19. TDS (Tax Deduction at Source) Management for tax Calculation
20. MIS Reports
- PF, ESI and Prof. Tax monthly Reports
- Income Tax Report
- Monthly Pay Statement with Payment Mode like Bank Transfer, Cash, Cheque etc.
- Salary Register with Employee wise and Department Wise
- Element Wise Salary Statements
- Monthly Variance Reports
- Register For Bonus, Over Time, Leave Encashment, Gratuity, Super Annulations, Loan, Advance etc.
- Monthly Statements For Bonus, Over Time, Leave Encashment, Super Annulations, Gratuity, Loan, Advance etc.
- Arrear Register and Statements
- Monthly Pay Slips for regular payroll, reimbursements, off- cycle payroll, overtime, bonus etc.
- Employee CTC (Cost to Company) Reports
- Annual Pay Summary Report
- Full and Final Settlement Report
- Pay Structure Revision and Comparison Reports
21. Recruitment Management
- Vacancy Requisition against New Requirement, Left Employee, Retired Employee etc.
- Vacancy Approval Done By HR Department
- Applicants can Apply Online for Different Positions in Organization, which can help stream line the candidate data for future reference of HR
- Single Repository For Applicant Resumes and Information
- Efficient Resume Search with Save Facility of Search Criteria
- Interview Call Management
- Interview Evaluation with Different Interview Status like On Hold, Rejected, and Call for another Interview, In Process, and Selected etc.
- Interview Expense incurred for Applicant
- Exit Interview with Designation wise Questions Facility. Format can be prepared according to will of employee.
- MIS Reports
22. Training Management
- Define Training Program
- Assign Faculty To Training Program
- Training Calendar
- Application For Training Program
- Approval For Training Program
- Attendance For Training Program
- Evaluation Of Different Training Program
- Budget and Expense For Training Program
- MIS Reports
23. Insurance Management
- Define Insurance Policy Designation Wise
- Process For Employee Wise Insurance Policy
- Assign Premium To Employee
- Maintain Insurance Nominee Detail
- Insurance Claim Detail
- MIS Reports
24. Performance Management
- Appraisal Competency Parameters
- Confirmation Appraisal Parameters
- Performance Planning Period – Monthly , Quarterly , Half –Yearly , Yearly or Custom Period
- Confirmation Period - Monthly , Quarterly , Half –Yearly , Yearly or Custom Period
- Daily Activity Detail
- Monthly Activity Detail
- Employee KRA (Key Responsibility Area)
- Performance Review
- Hold and Release Appraisal
- Performance Appraisal
- Organization Hierarchy Wise Authorization
- MIS Reports
25. Organization Change
- Employee Transfer
- Employee Resignation
- Employee Termination
- Employee Promotion
- Employee Reporting Structure Change
- MIS Reports
26. Policies and Forms Publishing
- Publish HR Policies according to designations and different locations
- Or Different companies , Forms and Other Official Contents
27. Organization Survey
- Define Topic , Sections and Questions
- Organization Climate Survey
- MIS Reports
28. Letter Generation
- Define Templates For HR Letters
- Generate HR Letter From Templates
29. News Letter
- Publish News Letter
30. Employee Suggestion
- Employee Suggestion
- Suggestion Information
31. Opinion Polls and Events
- Generate Opinion for Employee
- Create Event and Display
32. Employee and Manager Self Service (ESS and MSS)
- Employee will be allowed to change his own password in his login, his login will be completely rights based.
- Employees can see their Balance Leave, Pending leave, Attendance, Over Time, and On Duty etc.
- Manager Can see the Details of the subordinates.
- Employees Can Apply for Leave, on duty, advance leave, overtime etc.
- Managers Can Approve For Leave, on Duty, Advance Leave, Over Time etc.
- Employees can see their Pay Slips and Compensation Information.
- Employees can enter their Daily Activity, Monthly Activity, KRA, Performance Review, and Appraisal Details.
- Managers can view all the details entered by their sub ordinates.


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      maradonass379 7 years ago

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      Edwin 7 years ago

      This site is awesome and it has all you need to manage a successful business. It provide a guide on Administrative matters.I found it really helpful. Thanks Guys

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      I am very happy after seen this site.

      Useful for all.


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