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Here Are Some Link Building Mistakes That You Don't Want To Make

Updated on July 12, 2010

Here Are Some Link Building Mistakes That You Don't Want To Make

Although link building pays off for your sit' it is hard work. In fact, it happens to be the most difficult part of search engine optimization. There are several mistakes that you can make without realizing that you are wasting hours of your time, the simple solution is to get the right info. You want to get relevant backlinks pointing towards your site as opposed to spammed links. You can easily base your link building campaign on some of the false information that is floating around and end wasting a lot of time and money that you could have been making by doing things the right way. This article will be exploring some link building mistakes that prove to be a disaster if not taken care of.

Link building has to be taken very seriously if your goal is to build a long term business that will bring you income for years to come. Most people's idea of linkbuilding is scouring the web looking for any and everyplace to add a link to. You have to remember that the search engines have grown really smart and they know when you're spamming. So there's nothing great in blasting your link out to these big sites in the hope of getting instant ranking. Any skilled search engine optimizer knows that that type of link building will make it harder to rise in the result pages.

The single most typical mistake internet marketers make in their backlinking is in amassing a large number of low quality backlinks, and neglecting to worry about the quality of their links. If you don't know how links really work, you might believe that simply having more links is what counts. The fact is, however, that the search engines pay quite a bit of attention to where the link comes from. Quality matters more than quantity here. One backlink from a highly regarded authority site will do you more good than ten from low quality sites with low (or no) page rank. If you focus on getting backlinks from highly regarded sites that are in the same niche as yours, you'll be helping your site much more than if you just collect lots of low quality links. In fact, having too many low quality links can actually harm your site if the search engines believe you are using underhanded tactics. Don't try to find a quick fix when it comes to building links. Face the fact that building links takes some time and work, and focus on creating high caliber content on your own site while finding well regarded sites in your niche to network and exchange links with.

Also, don't do the blunder of not using ALT text if the only option is to use an image. You can make more use of a text link, of course, but in cases where only an image is available, make the best use of it. Don't forget to place your chosen keywords in the ALT text of the image link.

Lastly, you can have tremendous success with link building if you focus on what is important and avoid what will hurt you. Take the time to learn this stuff properly and your site will become unstoppable.


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    • olivo profile image

      olivo 7 years ago

      Thanks for your nice comments :)

    • marialorena profile image

      marialorena 7 years ago

      Great hub! Really useful content. Mistakes in link building is one of the most common.. I'm really taking a mental note of it all..

    • solar.power profile image

      solar.power 7 years ago from Brisbane

      some good points

    • christopheranton profile image

      Christopher Antony Meade 7 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

      Useful article. Plenty of points to take on board. It seems to be really easy to rank high in Yahoo and all the lesser search engines. The real killer is Google. Get a good rating on this search engine and you have arrived.

    • Rombie1986 profile image

      Ronnie Jensen 7 years ago from Dayton

      Very nice piece!