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High Traffic Does Not Always Mean Success For Websites

Updated on August 5, 2011

This article looks at what visitor traffic mean to content authors with no commercial intent versus internet business owners.

When you think about internet business, one of the fundamentals that every online marketer will almost never fail to highlight to you is the importance of 'traffic'. In addition to that, they will link traffic to the other fundamental factor that is 'keyword'. There is an overload of information and great articles written on how to attract traffic for keyword which you target.

But as an internet marketer, getting high traffic to my promotional page is the first step. The second most important step is to convert those traffic to buyers/sales.

Your goal for your website/page differ from someone else. I know of friends who set up blogsites just to share information, others just want to be 'popular' on the internet and bask in the glory of their content being read and liked by tens of thousands. Well, I belong to the other category where my main goal is to possibly convert all traffic to sales, well, at least a good 80%. Think of this .. if you are an internet business owner like me, which do you prefer, getting 10,000 visitors per month to your site with only 5 of them buying your product or attracting a mere 2,000 visitors per month yet you enjoy 100 sales??? Plain and simple maths, we would dream of the latter wouldn't we?

So it all boils down on your online goal. For a pure content site without any commercial intent, the main aim is to get readership satisfaction. For the internet marketer who aims for income, interwoven factors such as call for action must be considered so that the process of pre-selling settles nicely without appearing too aggressive to the visitor.

It can be summed up as follows :-

Content -> Traffic -> Pre-Selling -> Monetization

Keywords play the vital part in attracting quality traffic. There are many free keyword assessor tools to help you select the best keywords for your content, but do not rule out the paid ones as well because obviously, the creators behind it are people who have spent a great amount of time and skills to guarantee you it's worth your dollar.

Convert!: Designing Web Sites to Increase Traffic and Conversion
Convert!: Designing Web Sites to Increase Traffic and Conversion

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1. Understand the essentials - your market, your proposition, and your delivery.

2. Create a site that is seen by the right people, provides a compelling experience, and generates the desired action.

3. Learn how to use testing to improve your site's conversion rate.

4. Discover the holistic nature of web site optimization and why multiplicity matters.

5. Examine dozens of simple techniques for building traffic, engaging your audience, and crafting effective calls to action.

6. Combine creativity with analysis for the best possible results.

THE Web Traffic Book: A Definitive Guide To Crushing Your Competitors And Getting All The Customers You Ever Need!
THE Web Traffic Book: A Definitive Guide To Crushing Your Competitors And Getting All The Customers You Ever Need!

This is NOT your typical book. Whether you're already an online entrepreneur or are hoping to become one, you will find ideas and strategies that you've never considered are covered in full detail, so you can apply them and reach new people who otherwise never would have known you exist. Covering search engine marketing, easy research strategies, social marketing, video marketing, paid traffic, and much more, expect to know exactly what you are going to do to market your business on the web by the time you finish reading this book. Get this book right now, read it, and apply what's inside to finally get the customers you know you deserve.

Free Web Traffic: 95 Tips To Generate Unlimited Free Visitors To Your Website
Free Web Traffic: 95 Tips To Generate Unlimited Free Visitors To Your Website

This book is a must-have resource for anyone with an online presence who is looking to get more visitors to their website. There are many different methods to get free traffic online, and the tips in this book focus on the quickest and most effective ways to do so. Implement just a few of the techniques in this book and you’ll never have to advertise your website again!



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