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High paying translator jobs. How to become a professional Translator/interpreter?

Updated on March 28, 2016

High paying translator jobs. How to become a professional Translator/interpreter?

Becoming a professional translator/interpreter is a good alternative way to make money. The job of a translator/interpreter is to translate oral, sign language or written text into the desired language. Translation/interpretation has become a demand in countries with diversified population like USA. With global economic networks strengthening and people-to-people as well as government-to-government contacts increasing, translation/interpretation is becoming a domain of its own. For example, presence of Chinese enterprises is seen in many countries today. Hence, knowledge of Chinese language has become necessary to ensure smooth conduct of businesses. Apart from money, working as a translator is interesting and gives job satisfaction. With talent shortage in most countries, Translation has become one of the most sought after service by employers and governments alike. According to US Bureau of labour statistics, the average pay scale for a translator/interpreter in the US is $49,320 a year. Per hour pay scale for translators is $23.71. In India, Translators earn anywhere between INR 1.5 lakh to INR 8 lakh per year.

Translators/interpreters are employed in various domains like Information technology (IT), Healthcare, Engineering, HR accounts, education, engineering etc. Pay scale is highest for translators in engineering and architectural industry. The average pay scale is found to be $104,480 per year.

Qualification and Skills: Translators need to be extremely proficient with the source language as well as Target/destination language. Employers will look for interpersonal, listening and interpretation skills as well.

Most companies may expect a minimum bachelor’s degree. Sometimes, companies may expect specialization in language interpretation or a bachelor’s degree in foreign language. Bachelor’s degree in foreign language is usually a 4-year course. Members of American Translators Association have to take a written exam to qualify as professionals. Today, many institutions offer online courses in Translation

Companies generally prefer individuals with experience and superior skill set. Experience in the concerned subject domain is a plus for candidates

Languages preferred: Translators are mostly in demand for languages like Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Hindi and Japanese. According to industry sources, German translators are paid the highest- A German translator earns an average of more than INR 4 Lakh per year in India.

Get Certified: Certification is not a ‘Must’ to become a successful translator but if you wish to become a professional translator, then it’s better to get certified. The American Translator’s Association offers certification programs for individuals. ‘National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators’ and ‘International Medical Interpreters Association’ offer certification in their respective fields. Once you get certified, you will be listed on their directories which enable prospective clients to find you

Take language proficiency tests: To strengthen your resume, you could also take language proficiency tests to show your client or employer that you are the right candidate for the job

Become a Freelance Translator: You can even work as an independent freelance translator from your home. There are many companies offering Translation jobs to individuals. You can also work part-time from home and supplement your regular income by means of Translation.


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