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Jobs for People Over 65 - With No Flipping Burgers or Bagging Groceries

Updated on June 17, 2013
Billrrrr profile image

Bill Russo is featured in the film & TV show, The Bridgewater Triangle & has written several books (both fiction & non) on Amazon Kindle.

Have a sample. They are delicious and free!


by Bill Russo

You might think that companies that actually want senior citizens are about as real as 'Bigfoot'. The truth is; there are firms that desire you and are willing to pay you ten dollars an hour and up for simple, but interesting work.

The job is called ’Product Demonstration’ and it’s really just like telling a friend or family member, “I’ve discovered a great new product; here try a free sample”. If you can do that, you can effectively do ‘in-store demos’.

The companies that have demonstration programs include: BJs Wholesale Clubs, Costco, Walmart and virtually all of the Supermarket chains. In my area, the two top food retailers are Shaws, and Stop & Shop - both are gearing up right now for the holidays.

The top questions about ‘In-Store Demos‘:

1. Why do they want senior citizens?

The companies want good demo folks and they don’t care if they are 25 or 75. Age is not a bar to this employment. The jobs are part time and most seniors are not looking for full time work. Also they have found that the Seniors can be flexible in scheduling and are generally willing and able to work weekends.

2. What’s the Pay?

You can expect to make between 10 and 14 dollars per hour. You might start lower or higher depending on whom you work for and what you are demonstrating. Some people who have several years working for the same firm, are making $15 and over per hour. Demonstrator coordinators make more still.

3. What are the hours?

Usually you will work about six hours a day. You may get one day a week, or perhaps four or five. Weekend work is mandatory in many, if not all, companies.

4. What do I have to do?

The basic format is as follows. You will go to your store and set up a product table in an aisle. Let’s use cookies as an example. You will don food prep gloves and a store apron and put out samples on little paper plates. As people go by, you will tell them how good the cookies are and offer a sample. While they are munching, you educate them about the product… I.e. It is low calorie, high in fiber, low in price, but high in taste.

Try to get them to buy the cookies. It is a soft sell…..but a sell nonetheless. The demo people who get the most work and the most money are the ones who can get the product off the shelves and into the shopping carts.

If you are unwilling to sell and call people over to your table, then do not consider this work.

5. What are the qualifications?

This one can be a bit tough on Seniors. You have to be able to stand on your feet for six hours. You will get a lunch break and be able to duck into the bathroom as needed. But you must be able to be up and sampling for the whole day. If you are going to get a demo job and you are not sure if your feet will hold up….start walking. Walk a little bit every day and you soon will be up to the task.

6. Where do I sign up?

Go to your store and ask them if they do demos and who is in charge. In BJs, there is an on-site Coordinator who can hire you and put you to work. Some of the other stores have outside companies that handle the demos.

Get the store manager to give you the name of the demo company and call them up.

Whenever you see an in-store demo, walk up to the person doing the demo and ask them about the job. Most will gladly share information with you and point you to the proper people.

I successfully did this job for years and made some good extra money. If you have any further questions, leave a comment or shoot me an email.

In October (2012), I took my own advice and went back to work doing demos. I found a job on Craigslist that pays me $14.00 per hour plus commission. I work a six hour shift and can make almost $100.00

Since this company only had about four to six days work for me each month, I applied to another firm and got a second job at $13.00 per hour - plus a stipend of $10.00 if I use my own microwave or toaster oven. So the second job pays about $88.00 for a six hour shift. The companies are allowing me to balance my schedule so that I am able to work for both at the same time ! ! ! This firm is actively hiring for many openings in all areas of the country. The need for demonstrators is so great that they are paying a referral fee of $25 for each new hire that I (or any other employee) send to them.

If you are interested, send me a message and I will share the names of demo companies with you. They are in all 48 adjacent states and there are lots of positions available.


If you would like full time work that will give you both a paycheck and a free house or apartment, check out this......


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    • Billrrrr profile image

      Bill Russo 4 years ago from Cape Cod

      Hi Stella.

      I could advise you better if you supply some basics, such as your home state or city, what you have done in the past etc. Surefire places to get these jobs are supermarkets, Costco, BJs wholesale Club, and any stores that do demos. If you are serious about demo work there are thousands of opportunities. Send me an email with your information and I will be better able to lead you to some good prospects.

    • profile image

      Stella 4 years ago

      Can you give me names of places that do demos so I can look into it, I have been trying to find a job for the past 6 months

    • profile image

      Ann 4 years ago

      I am very interested in this type job. I am a senior and can do this for sure...

    • Billrrrr profile image

      Bill Russo 5 years ago from Cape Cod

      Hi doodlehead. I just got back from an extended (computerless) vacation in South Florida and am just getting to my emails. I have had several recent requests for info. Are you one of the ones who sent me a message? I have heard from a woman named Sharon and a few guys. If you have not yet twxd me, you may do so at If you have already contacted me, I promise that within a week I will send you a reply with a list of several companies actively searching for demonstrators. I will give you solid leads and if you wish to work, you will be able to get started in less than a month. If you have not sent me a twx, please do so right away. Thanks, Bill

    • Billrrrr profile image

      Bill Russo 5 years ago from Cape Cod

      Hi Paul. Thanks for reading. I am sure you could do this job or just about any job you want. Standing before a group of students, teaching them a foreign language is much more difficult than simply engaging passers by, chatting about the weather, their kids, etc and then passing out free food! It's food and it's free ! ! ! ! They love us. Thanks a million for taking time to read and comment.

    • Billrrrr profile image

      Bill Russo 5 years ago from Cape Cod

      Hey xstatic that's great news. It's fun work and the time passes quickly. If TJ doesn't have any openings, Costco or BJs will. There are many jobs available. Please let me know how you make out.

    • Doodlehead profile image

      Doodlehead 5 years ago from Northern California

      This sounds great. Except how do I send you a message? I'm interested!

    • Paul Kuehn profile image

      Paul Richard Kuehn 5 years ago from Udorn City, Thailand


      This is very interesting and useful hub for seniors. I don't think I would do well in product promotions because I am not cut out to be a salesman. I tried real estate and failed because I couldn't market houses. For someone who is extroverted and likes talking, this would be a great job. Voted up and sharing. Also Pinning.

    • xstatic profile image

      Jim Higgins 5 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

      Thanks Billrrr! I will do that! I just had a chat with the manager at Trader Joe's (again) and he said he would to talk to me in a month.

    • Billrrrr profile image

      Bill Russo 5 years ago from Cape Cod

      This year, for the first time, I was told that I have to have one. I got it by taking an internet course that was easy and informative. If you need certification, Costco, or a demo company, will hook you up with the online course. It was $15.00. My demo company paid five and I paid ten. Well worth it. Please let me know how you make out. If Costco is not hiring, email me and I will give you the names of a few demo firms who are hiring.

    • xstatic profile image

      Jim Higgins 5 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

      This is great info! I talked to a demo person at Costco a while back, but did not follow up on the idea. Well over 60, but in great shape, I think I will look into this more seriously. Do you need a food handler's license?

      I think you might in Oregon.

    • Billrrrr profile image

      Bill Russo 5 years ago from Cape Cod

      Please do, I will hook you up with at least two, very good demo companies. Thanks ExoticHippieQueen, for reading.

    • profile image

      ExoticHippieQueen 5 years ago

      Nice hub, Bill. I will email you.

    • Billrrrr profile image

      Bill Russo 5 years ago from Cape Cod

      Just took a second demo job - shuffling working for two companies at once. The first job pays $14 per hour plus commission. The second job pays $13 per hour but adds $10 for every demo in which you use your own microwave oven, George Foreman Grill, or toaster oven. Email me for names of the companies.

    • Billrrrr profile image

      Bill Russo 5 years ago from Cape Cod

      I just went back to work part time (as of Oct. 2012) doing demos. I found the lead on Craigslist. I interviewed and was immediately put to work at $14.00 per hour. I am 69 years old and very average. If I can do it, you can do it too. Keep checking the ads in the newspaper and on Craigslist.

    • nicregi profile image

      Reginald Chan 6 years ago from Malaysia

      You are most welcome. Very true. I would say the best way to spend old days will be writing with travelling. That will be my ultimate dream!

    • Billrrrr profile image

      Bill Russo 6 years ago from Cape Cod

      Thankyou very much for reading and commenting nicregi. So many of us over 65 are trapped in the house all alone. These jobs provide money, exercise, and a chance to socialize.

    • nicregi profile image

      Reginald Chan 6 years ago from Malaysia

      Well said! I have a friend from the States and he actually take up part time in some dining cafe. It is not that tough and he is able to earn some money through it. Informative hub you got there and thanks for sharing buddy!


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