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Home Based Business Ideas & Myths

Updated on January 3, 2013

Having Your Own Online Home Based Business is Wonderful

But are you really ready to take the plunge? Many of us who have 9-to-5 jobs are longing to have stay-at-home jobs. How to look for it? For some, it seems to be so easy. And for many, starting a home-based business is a big mystery.

Itching to submit your resignation letter? Scratch that itch first. This is not the right time yet to say goodbye to that fire-breathing boss of yours. Think for a hundred times first. Cutting your main source of income at the moment is not wise. You don't want to be broke when you're still looking for the right home based business venture for you!

Measure Your Chances of Online Home Business Success before You Take that Big Leap to the Unknown

In this modern world, when the far-reaching Internet seems to be reigning the whole world, it is very easy to get bewildered with so much information on how to earn big money, get-rich ideas, and one-road to success enterprises.

By simply clicking your mouse, you will find so many offers from successful internet gurus. Don't get bedazzled by their blinking web design. Do not be ruled over by your desire and pride to jump off the ‘employed' boat. You might be jumping into the fire, rather than the wide ocean where you can find opportunities to catch your big fish.

10 Tips on How to Evaluate a Home Based Business

Find the Right Online Home Based Business for You

Before you get envious of the success stories of a fortunate few, be honest to yourself. Look around. Listen outside that computer. Do not pretend to know these ultra-modern online ways of earning money. Admit to yourself that the source and the procedure of making money from the internet is still a deep and dark mystery to you.

Make Money with Affiliate Programs with Home Study Course

Already Hooked to these Amazing Affiliate Programs?

You really want to give a go to that Home Based Internet Business. Deciding impulsively is bad habit for a newbie. But since you have the drive and the determination, you might, just might succeed. Because you have seen for yourself that the friend of your friend is living comfortably through an internet business, there's no stopping you anymore. So you might as well educate yourself more.

The least you can do is to study and learn everything about the phenomenal success of these internet enterprises.

Know the Myths and the Truths about the Online Home Based Business

This topic of Home Based Business is as wide as the oceans on earth, so we'll just tackle the online variety. The one business which offers the most number of puzzles to solve, and which requires you to set up your own website on the internet.

  1. An internet business is very easy to set up even from scratch.
  2. An internet business will make me very rich in just a very short time.
  3. I don't have to do a lot of work after I built my own website.
  4. Through my own website, I will be well-known in the whole wide world.
  5. I don't have to spend money on this kind of business.
  6. I only have to visit my online business once in a while.
  7. I really don't have to get outside my home to promote my business. All the business contacts I'll need can be found through email.
  8. After just a month or two, I will be earning more than the old salary that my ex-boss was paying me.
  9. Because I own the business, I can be with my kids more often.
  10. The internet world is the fantasy world come true, where every dream will be a reality with just a few clicks of the mouse...

All of the above are all myths.

  • True, you don't have to spend money on this kind business; but you also can't have even the slightest chance of earning money online.
  • True, you only have to visit your online business once in a while; but you'll also join the long list of business websites which get the least number of visitors.
  • True, because you're the boss and owner of the business, you can take more time off anytime to be with your kids more often. Be assured that with this working habit of yours, your business will crash down to the ground faster than you blink!

What about Offline Home-Based Businesses?

You are now thoroughly discouraged from any online business, and you want to try any offline business out there, as long as it is home based.

Consider the following:

  1. Capital for business and cash for family expenses.
  2. Licenses and permits
  3. Insurance to protect both you and your client/visitors from any kind of disaster inside your home
  4. Employment benefits (i.e. medical, dental, emergency loans, paid vacation leave, etcetera)
  5. Bookkeeping and taxes concerns
  6. Unlimited working time and home distractions (family and friends)

Are you discouraged once again?

Well, the only option left to you is to think about for a hundred times. While you're thinking, do a thorough research. Setting up your own home based business is like getting married. You cannot back out once you said ‘I do.'

How do I Choose Other Home Based Businesses?

You are the only one who has the answer but you have to face the reality about yourself first. Be brutally honest on your self-assessment. The outcome is for your own good.

And while you're taking this personality and adaptability test, the best advice for you is to stay beside your boss; however dragon-like he is to you. Be practical. You still need your paycheck.

Job Search Jobs Listings Internet Job

What about Part Time Internet Jobs?

That's the best option for you now. You'll still have the security blanket of a regular job while looking for other online job opportunities. You don't have to end an old career to begin a new one. You might be able to juggle a regular job and parttime job.

Every night before going to bed, stay with your computer for an hour or two. Browse. Explore. A relaxed attitude is important. Do not let desperation and eagerness rule your head because you will be an easy target to all shapes and sizes of Internet scammers. You will be easily tempted to sweet talks and big promises.

Internet job hunting is a very painstaking task. It's like looking for a strand of hair from a stack of hays. It might be impossible to find it but believe me, it is there. Take that to someone who found various online jobs on the Internet without getting scammed.


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    • solarshingles profile image


      10 years ago from london

      It works, if you work hard, if you're punctual enough(SEO) and if you know how to be part of nice social network, which include many members


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