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Hosting My Website. The Cheapest Web Hosting Provider Around.

Updated on August 23, 2010

Great Web Hosting Service

Are you looking for a good web hosting provider? There is a lot of research to be done. I have done it.

It is impossible to say which one is the best hosting provider, you would have to use them all, even then what was good for you could not be for another person.

There is various factors to consider when looking for a web hosting provider.

How Much WebSpace is Available to You?

How Much is the Monthly Data Transfer?

Number of Email Accounts?

Does it Provide a Free Domain Name?

How Many Website Can You Host?

Is There Any Limitations to the Kind of Website You Can Host?


How Helpful Are They?

Some of these aspects might be important to you, others might not. If you are only going to use one website on your host and you are not expecting more than 50 users a day then you don't have to worry with the a couple of things from the list. If you already have a domain name and are happy with the provider (and price), or already have an email account and don't need more, you might cross some other things from this list.

I work with multimedia and so I build many websites and for me a good hosting service is very important. I need to host various websites, create many email accounts, using various domains and of course, loads of webspace. One of the things I was also worried is that one day I might receive a bill for extra traffic. So, I needed to find a hosting service that could fit all my requirements.

Did I find it? YES. For a couple of years already I have been using a Hosting Provider that allowed me all the things I wanted and best of all, it is one of the cheapest I found.

The Hosting Provider I use is Servage Hosting.

I'm really happy with them. They tick all the boxes for me. I'm even using different kinds of CMS and all work fine. They have an option for AutoInstall various kinds of CMS Websites, E-Commerce, Blogs, Image Galleries and many more. You just click and it will do all the work for you. This includes the great Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, OSCommerce and many others.

What about the questions I asked on top of this Article? Here are the answers: (at the time of me writing this article)

How Much WebSpace is Available to You? 750GB

How Much is the Monthly Data Transfer? 7500GB

Number of Email Accounts? UNLIMITED

Does it Provide a Free Domain Name? YES, or domain transfer if you already have one.

How Many Website Can You Host? As Many As You Want.

Is There Any Limitations to the Kind of Website You Can Host? No. At least at the time I read the Terms and Conditions. You can have your naughty sites there. :)

Speed? I can't complain. Had a few problems with speed in Joomla sites some time ago and they even took out Joomla from the AutoInstaller option. Now it is back and it is running very well.

How Helpful Are They? A Lot. Every time I open a support ticket (very easy to do it) I don't need to wait much for an answer. Very nice people and very efficient.

So, having all this how can I not recommend them?

If you find another great host please let me know. Not that I want to change but it is good to know the options around.

Another good thing is that if you recommend people you win a couple of months of free hosting. Of course I like this but believe me that it is not the only reason I recommend them. My clients are more important than a couple of free bad hosting.

If you give it a go let me know what you find of Servage. If you prefer to keep looking do not forget to check all the boxes so you don't end up stuck in a hosting provider that is not what you want.

Visit Servage Now


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