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How HTML Email Works And Where To Outsource For Best Practices

Updated on March 21, 2013

Email is one of the best internet communication tools and it has been used widely both by individual users and business organizations. In internet marketing, email is a powerful tool for business campaigns and it can be used to attain leads in online presence by establishing long term business relations.

In today’s competitive world of online business, presence and authority are important and any online business will take an extra mile to get it right. By any definition, email is just a webpage with appropriate information targeted to a particular audience but practically there is more to it.

Best Practices On HTML Email
Best Practices On HTML Email | Source

For any business, offline or online, email is more than a webpage; it is a communication tool to deliver effective business campaigns which can turn readers into buyers. It is therefore very important for businesses to get their emailing services right and that is why HTML email is an integral part of business emailing services.

What Is HTML Email?

As a business owner sourcing for the best email client for your business, probably you have come across countless justifications on which email client works best, or what doesn’t work. They have probably told you how Lotus Notes never renders HTML email properly and how Microsoft Outlook is not a suitable email option for business campaigns.

Having an email client that will work seamlessly on different email platforms is not easy, that is why coding HTML email should be done right. HTML email involves coding a webpage the old fashioned way, like in 90's when there were no WYSIWYGs yet. Creating HTML emails that will look awesome on every target email program is the catch here.

Best Practices On HTML Email
Best Practices On HTML Email | Source

How HTML Email Works

If you are new to HTML email or you have taken HTML email coding in recent years then you will realize that coding HTML email to look sufficiently good on any email program is like solving a puzzle, you get it right on one side but completely wrong on the other end!

It gets tricky because creating HTML email is not like building a website. Most of HTML and CSS properties that are used in modern web design are not supported in email and that makes all difference in HTML email coding.

You will not imagine even specialized emailing programs such as Ms Outlook 2007 and 2010 use word processors such as Microsoft word to render HTML, unless off course you are building websites like it was done in 90’s.

Even if you code HTML email and get it to display properly, there are clients out there who will not view HTML email in their email programs. The best way to handle this is to deliver the email using multipart or alternative MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) format.

How to Convert Design to Email HTML

Best Practices On HTML Email
Best Practices On HTML Email | Source

Where To Outsource For Best Practices On HTML Email

What makes HTML email tricky for most coders is not actually in design and coding but how to deliver it properly but as a business owner, you don’t have to get your brain gears thrown into spins.

HTML email services can be outsourced. Although there are many online companies that offer services on HTML email, very few adhere to the best practices on HTML email.

Email Monks is just one of the few HTML email service providers that truly deliver on quality HTML email services that are also cost effective. Why Monks you ask? Because they work round the clock and they are devoted like monks, working 24 hours in 7 days to deliver your qualitative order in just under 8 hours!

For a reasonable price starting at $45 per email service you can get a professional HTML email service delivered using the best practices. Their services cover every aspect of HTML email design including Brand Optimization, Pre-header and Header, Email Layout, Visual Impact, Copy and Content, Email Footer, Mobile Email Design along other offerings all delivered using the best practices on HTML email.


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