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How I Built My Online Empire - Week 1

Updated on August 14, 2011

The Science Behind My Madness!

What I was considering to build my website?

I was considering one of the 2 membership services. One was building the website for me and i was only to write articles and post them on the website. The other one had a website building platform that makes creation of websites easy for anyone.

They do more than what i described, but here we are not talking about their services. One was about 30$ per month, the other one about 40$/month. In the end I did not use them, only because I have figured it out how to do it on my own.

I am not saying those services are worthless, they have a great worth actually, but I got my inspiration out their sales letters and I can’t thank them enough.

Any prerequisites?

Yes, I think 6 books or about 1000 pages of information. And they were the best free books I have ever read or heard of.

What was the idea?

I am going to build a website focused on a single product. The product must have lifetime membership and be in a health niche.

Why I want to share my week-by-week experience?

While learning and reading all those books about affiliate marketing, strategies, tips guru lessons…I have discovered that everyone assumes you have thousands of dollars for start –ups and can afford to buy your “way in” affiliate marketing. Well I have started with less than 100$ in my pocket.

I am going to post a weekly report about my accomplishments, revelations, successes and failures. I will honestly describe what worked and what haven’t, so you don’t have to fall for the same mistakes and errors.

First Steps in Building My Online Empire!

Week 1

I have built my website to 5 pages. Each of the pages has one article of between 400 and 1000 words. And also I write one article a day to post on article directories. Here is the website:

Week Breakdown:


Updated my website with a new article.

Singed up with forums.

Posted an article on

Browsed through forums and read articles about online marketing.


Posted an article on

Updated the right menu of my website to show my main product every time the website is opened.


Posted another article on my website.

Found two free programs that were supposed to automatically submit my website to lots of directories. The other one is supposed to submit articles to top article directories.

Honestly, I have wasted my time with them. The one that submits the website works very slowly and they don’t tell that you have to manually create accounts with those directories. The one that submits the article…well I have never heard of those “supposedly” top 20 article directories.

Posted an article with


Posted one article on and one on my website.


Recruited a writer to write at least 2 articles per week for me. Her commission will be 10% of my commission (which is 30%). I have set up a unique sub-id for her. And the system let me track clicks and sales made by any sub-id that I set. This way I will know if the sale was generated by me or by my writer. The articles that come from my writer will be posted on article directories, not on my website.

Posted an article on


Signed up with and posted a big article with them. Also answered a cuouple of question related to my article.

Found out that you CAN post non-original articles on Let me explain. Say you write an article and post it on your website. Then you wait a day or two and post same exact article on ezine. They will accept it, which was news for me. I thought they only accepted 100% original articles.

The trick is that the author of that article MUST be exactly the same on both versions. If the author’s name of the article you have posted on your website is John Doe, the author’s name on ezine must also be John Doe. If it is John D, for example, you will get a copyright warning from ezines.


Discovered that it helps to ping your website. So now, every time I update my website with a new article, I also ping the exact URL address on

Built a FAQ page on my website. Well, did not actually build it, just pushed a few buttons and entered the questions and answers. Actually now there are only two questions. I have decided to post 2-3 questions every day.

End of week 1.

Before I got to first week, i took a lot of decisions related to number of articles, words, topic of the articles. More administrative tasks that I did not include. From now on, I will include every bit of important actions that I performed to build my Internet Empire, I hope :)

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