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How I Built My Online Empire - Week 2

Updated on August 25, 2011

Monday and Tuesday

I had to change the header of my website and some design elements as a result of a usability test.

This is what I mean: I have found a fantastic free website that lets you test your website. Works like this: Real people take a look at a snapshot of your website for 5 seconds. Then they are asked a few questions like: What did you like about …? or Is the website trustworthy…and so on. Do you see the potential? There are tests like this that you can take and earn points, which later you can use to create your own tests…Well it’s a lot to talk, if you want to see what it does here is the link:

So…the testers said my previous header was too big and that the colors were not pleasant. I fixed it now.

I used a free program for header design: In about 5 minutes it was ready. And when I think back…I was fiddling with Corel Draw for hours trying to create a good design. Time is Money!

BTW. Both links are “clean” links…as I am not trying to sell or be an affiliate. Xheader has the free version which comes with 500 preset headers that you can customize. They ask you if you want the paid version which has 5000 headers. I said FREE and got the 500 headers. I really don’t do that much design to need five thousands.


Decided to also post on Got to see if they allow same article with minor changes.

My writer sent me a second article. I really think this will work out very well. I am thinking to get 2 more writers for at least 6 articles per week.

A slow day…not much happened. And I wanted to play an online game: MW2. The day I play games, my writing skills are OFF.


Posted the article which my writer sent me on ezine and on articlesbase.

Improved the ORDER button visibility of the main product. A women said she could not find the order button on my website. Thanks to her, I’ve fixed a problem I did not think I had! It is difficult to see a website from the point of view of visitors when you are the designer.

Wrote and posted an article on my website.

Found a great keyword program that helps me a lot. Well…better said: saves me a lot of time. It is not free, but I have a friend that is not using it anymore so I get to use it. Its main feature that I like: finds long tail keywords in 2-3 minutes. I got my 50 long tail keywords in about 30 minutes. I was using google keyword tool, it almost does the same thing, except it takes a looong time and is not as flexible.

Also google’s search is too “wide”, as it gives me stuff I don’t need in those 800 results. My tool comes up with 10 keywords of level 1, then I chose one of the level 1 keywords and it gives me level 2 keywords based on the kw in level 1 and so on…I hope you did not get bored. As I said I will mention things that really help me. And this one tool does help a lot.


I found a program that is supposed to help SEO your website and comes up with 10 top competitors for a specific keyword. When I tried to use it, not only it did not work correctly (maybe because I have Win7, 64 bit) but few minutes after when I typed something in google’s search bar…Google asked me to enter captchas…saying that my ip sent a huge amount of queries and they want to be sure I am not a spammer….Well good bye soft…won’t use you again.

Spent a lot of time in google websmaster’s tools and analytics. Also used those intitle and site commands to see how my website is linked. Went to yahoo site explorer to check my website too.

Found out a strategy of how to get some quick sales. Basically it says to find some long tail keywords that are “buying kw” and create sales copies for each one of them. The trick is to find best buyer keywords or the effort will go in vain. I used my keyword tool and found some keywords that I am ashamed I did not think of…


Still trying to identify best buyer KW. I found a free video course that teaches how to spot niches and find unlimited buyer keywords.

Well… my keyword tool that I liked so much does exactly same thing as the other software: google thinks I am spamming. I have asked people on digital point and warrior forums and they said my tools need a Google API. Wow…I don’t even want to know what that is…

So I did not believe my luck when I have found probable the best tool for IM. It has Site Optimization with guarantee in Google’s top 10 if I follow their instructions (honestly, a normal person like me will never be able to meet all the suggestions they have). They also have a Keyword tool and something else I haven’t checked, because I don’t need it. The thing is that I got it for free. It costs a huge amount of money around 500$. So it is not for a usual guy with one site. It is probably for companies that offer SEO services.

I used it on a page ( that was 19% out of 100% ready for Google and raised the page for this specific keyword “benefits of human growth hormone supplements” to 61% in about 1 hour. So I have great hopes that this program will help. Oh, and it uses “some sort of whatever its name is” that prevents Google from thinking that I am a spammer.


Wrote and posted an article on my website, using the expensive tool. I feel a lot better knowing I built my pages with a better chance at getting on 1st page.

Went to the Gulf of Mexico for a dolphin chasing trip for two hours. Got back with a lot of energy and ready for work

End of Week 2.


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