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How I Make Money On eBay Part Two

Updated on September 23, 2013

More Then Just A Few Ads

In the first part of this series I told you a little about me. How I Make Money On eBay Part One before we race off to the profit lands that everyone looks for on eBay. lets discuss why I failed so many times at making a living on eBay...

I looked at eBay as a cash cow, something I would milk until the milk ran dry, I never believed it was a real business adventure from the start. I was in it for only one thing CASH. This is where my failures began. I wanted eBay to pay me for just showing up, and it will, but just like the real world, it wont pay you much if you are just a body looking for a handout.

When used right eBay is one of the greatest places to own a business, the over head is low, the consumer traffic is extremely high, and unless you have the next microsoft or apple corp. you cant find a better platform to sell your wares.

As you follow along with me you will find a whole array of useful tools right inside eBay, everything from accounting, to shipping needs, but if you think you will read these pages as I write them, throw up a few ads and jet off to the beach for a frilly drink with an umbrella in it as the money rolls in I am going to warn you you got another thing coming...

Blood Sweat & Tears

Well before we go any further, let me tell you about my wonderful work free days, There Are No Days Off On eBay this is something I can not stress enough. I work a lot smarter now, but I am sure I could get a job and work less hours.

My days start at about 5 am, I have to answer all the questions that come in over night about my flags. Next I have to send out feedback, print packaging slips, print labels, go to the warehouse, package all the items, count inventory, order inventory, deal with returns and lost packages...

I do all this before breakfast 7days a week, 365 days a year. When I went on vacation with my family we had a two bedroom condo for 10 days in The Smokey Mountains... I spent half my vacation trying to keep the internet connection so I could do all these things...

Owning your own business whether it is online or a brick and mortar shop is alot of work for the owner. unless you have piles of money and can hire lots of people there will be no frilly drinks by the sea for a while...

One of my bikes being torn down this winter and customized for my business.
One of my bikes being torn down this winter and customized for my business.

The Great Rewards

Now before you run away, let me tell you some of the great things about being my own boss, I was able to care for my father until his last breath... Him and I had some rough times over the years, but in the end I learned more from spending everyday with him then years on the street.

Without eBay I would never have been able to do this for my mother who needed me when she had to work and dad was struggling with Alzheimer's. This is probably the greatest thing God has ever done for me, allowed me to find a way to earn a living and help those around me that need it.

Now after two years of building, I am able to afford some of the finer things, you see my wife and I both brought cardboard boxes into our marriage. I had one motorcycle and a few changes of clothing she just got out of a very bad relationship. Dont get me wrong she has a great job as a teacher, but eBay has allowed us many extras for example, I currently have 3 motorcycles, a brand new van with custom lettering for my business, she drives a new car, we go out to dinner about 3 times a week...We still have debt, but we are quickly paying it down, much of which is because of eBay.

In Closing

Now I know many people will be saying to themselves there was nothing about making money on eBay in these articles, this guy is just full of hot air, I suggest you keep coming back as now that the foundation of my business has been explained, I will be able to get down to the actual how to do it articles.

Part of this is to show that eBay is much more complex then just a few ads, it is a business tool that when used properly will be your best salesmen ever. I know for me, that without ebay my business would never have made it very long on the internet.

Here is the next section in our series... How I Make Money On eBay part Three

God Bless you with peace and mercy


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