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How To Achieve Customer Sales & Service Satisfaction

Updated on February 18, 2015

Achieving Customer Sales

He got the contract, now he needs to ensure Customer Sales Service & Satisfaction for optimal success.
He got the contract, now he needs to ensure Customer Sales Service & Satisfaction for optimal success.

Achieving Customer Sales - Where's the Service & Satisfaction?


Tale of Poor Old Joe

Last month Joe Marketer sold XYZ company one of his widgets. The purchasing agent he pitched the product to loved Joe's relaxed sales approach and was happy to buy from such a friendly, dependable guy. It was a banner month for old Joe because he also sold a record number of widget accessories through his website. While he was congratulating himself and planning a month off, Joe failed to remember one of the cardinal rules of marketing, the one that deals with after sale and long-term customer satisfaction. Big mistake!


In the example above, the customer felt a friendly, trustworthy connection to Joe. So why is it so important to ensure customer satisfaction after the commission is in your pocket? This article will explain why, and also how to go about it.

Your Customer Needs After Sale Care

In order to successfully build a loyal customer base, it is vital that your existing clientelle remain satisfied with both your product and service. They need to be happy that they did business with you and feel assured that someone is available to help them if the need arises.

Some people believe there is no purpose to spending time with a customer once a sale is made. Anyone who has dealt with repeat business will tell you otherwise. Every client interaction can smooth the way for the next sale, and the one after that, and the one after that.

You may be reading this and think this article doesn't apply to you since you've only one e-book up for sale at this moment, and the likelihood of repeat business is slim to nil. Understandable, but will you never expand your product line at some point in the future? When you add another book, do you want to be able to start sales rolling by approaching an existing client base that already knows you and trusts that you'll supply them with something good and worthwhile? The obvious answer is yes, and that means you had better make sure that your customers are all happy campers.

Another benefit of ensuring long-term customer satisfaction is the free, word of mouth advertising. One of THE very best recommendations that any company or salesperson can get is from a happy buyer. Even if the person singing your praises to other people never orders again, you have benefited tremendously from the time and effort that you put forth. You have new customers and easier sales. Trust is transferred from the referrer to the referee. Treat people well and it'll pay off in spades.

So, How To Do It?

So how do you keep customers happy for the long run, anyway? Easy. First of all you need to be available to your customer. If they have a question, problem, compliment or complaint, be there. Use your phone, email, whatever is appropriate and practical. Always respond in a timely manner, which will make the customer feel that you value them and their time. Make sure to see the situation through to resolution. The goal remember, is to affect lasting results.

Staying in communication with your customers post-sale is another good thing to do, but hounding them is not. Please do not go overboard with a barrage of emails and offers after they've made a purchase. Be present, not pesky! Loyal clients know the type of product or service that you offer, so odds are that if they need something specific or want to know what else you have, they'll ask you for it.

Another way to encourage warm fuzzies is to offer occasional freebies. If you can give people something of value, they will be appreciative. You don't have to spend a lot of money. Perhaps an e-book or report or article that applies to their industry. Anything useful is particularly good.

None of this is rocket science, but it does fit sensibly into a marketing plan that cares about and ensures long-term customer satisfaction.

© 2008 Shirley Anderson


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