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How To Develop Skills of A Good Leader and Get The Results You Want - Learn These Leadership Skills and Get What You Wan

Updated on December 31, 2013

The one thing a true leader has in common is that they think that they can always do better. The are much like an athlete that improves when there is a loss and A leader is caring and helpful and someone you can go to for help and solutions to your problems.

There are many ways a leader can help the people that look up to them even if they are not the boss. No matter what your position everyone knows who the problem solver is.

The problem solver is normally always available, approachable and ready to assist. A problem solving leader take great pride in helping others accomplish great things and is always learning and improving themselves.

A leader always speaks with confidence, so it is very important to understand and work out all issues that may affect your confidence.

You must be seen as credible by your sphere of influence (people in your circle). This means your circle must trust and respect you before seeing you as a leader.

Your peers can help you develop your visibility in the company. Building a team of advocates in upper management can be a great resource to finding solutions and job opportunities later on.

  • information
  • mediate conflicts
  • acquire resources
  • innovative solutions

Leadership Skills That Solve Problems

  1. Always educate yourself!
  2. Be an active listener.
  3. Keep an open mind, your solution can be right in front of you.
  4. Look for solutions everywhere and incorporate past solutions.
  5. Share and listen to all ideas to resolve issues as quick as possible.
  6. Use data of benefits to support your innovative ideas before sharing.
  7. Always seek advice, tricks and tips to help solving issues from respectable people.
  8. Always remain neutral and available when acting as a mediator. Help people concentrate on bigger picture.
  9. Look to mediate conflicts between people that can accommodate everyone or no one by choosing the best solution for the purpose.
  10. Always share your positive results to inform people of your track record as a problem solver.

How To Be Viewed As A Leader

  1. Show empathy for others.
  2. Use a loss as a tool to get better.
  3. Always learn and improve yourself.
  4. Always speak and act with confidence.
  5. Be encouraging in the face of setbacks.
  6. Present a strong and clear vision to others.
  7. Always get stronger dealing with competition.
  8. Model what you want and expect from others.
  9. Possess a strong self image and self esteem.
  10. Be knowledgeable about your product or subject matter.

Skills To Get Become A Good Leader and Get Exactly What You Want From Your Team

One of the most helpful things I want share is for you to read every book you can on persuasion. Learning the psychology behind getting people to do what you wa

Persuasive IQ by Kurt W Mortensen will take you to another level upon finishing the first chapter. Just imagine your extraordinary changes by the end of the book. Highly recommended.

Take advantage of leadership roles and education to expand your knowledge and establishing your self as a leader. You must first understand yourself in order to understand others.

If you are trying to establish yourself as a leader at your workplace do continue your education and always volunteer to help find solutions to group problems. Remember when you are dealing with individuals that need to look up you for leadership and respect you.

  • Charisma
  • Empathy
  • Attitude
  • Passion
  • Optimism
  • Self Esteem
  • Vision

Be neutral and enthusiastic about helping. Never use sarcasm and always try to resolve concern in a timely manner. Becoming a problem solver leader doesn't happen by mistake it happens on purpose.

One of the most important lessons of being a leader is to know that a leader does not operate alone. A leader is surrounded by knowledgeable people that assist when needed. A leader never is afraid to find the right answer or take a risk for a last minute problem.

You will always be developing your leadership skills by reading every leadership book, practicing good habits, offering your assistance, attending gatherings and other networking opportunities to aid to your growth. Your journey to leadership never ends. Good Luck


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