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How To Choose a Tax Preparer When You Have a Home Based Business

Updated on January 26, 2017

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Every year about this time, people weigh up the decision on if, and who, anyone should prepare their taxes. Most times, a decision is made based on cost. You can go get turbotax for under $100, but then you have to navigate the software and hope it comes out right. I cannot tell you the amount of amended returns I have done from people who used turbo tax.

For the average person without a home based business, taxes are pretty simple and can be done using any online tax program. I would recommend tax act. Just google that and you can get the software for free and there is a small charge to efile your return.

Anyone having a home based business, particularly a multi level marketing business, I would recommend them having a preparer do them for the first few years until they get a good handle on the deductions and how everything works on their return. So, the question is, “Who is the right person to do the return?”

Most people will automatically go with a CPA, just based on credentials only. Just as in any other profession, not all CPA’s are created equal. The fact that someone has passed a test at some point and goes to a few seminars during the year does not qualify them necessarily to do a good job on your return. I would, however, stay away from the people who only get 6 weeks training and they are let loose on the tax world. We all know who they are. They are good to prepare simple returns, but one with a business is not for them.

Here is my checklist for someone to use when choosing a preparer:

1.) How long have they been preparing taxes?

2.) How many returns have they done with a home based business in it?

3.) Were they ever involved with MLM or network marketing?

4.) Have they ever had their own MLM business?

Not all of these factors are the be all and end all of your decision. I would weigh them up almost equally and make your decision. Ultimately, you will have to be able to like and trust the person as well and the fees should be reasonable.

The person who is personally involved in the industry should be the best if all other factors are good. Home based business tax returns are not the most complicated on earth, but they do require a good bit of know how and with the IRS looking heavily at them these days, it is good to have someone who is knowledgeable.

I have personally been involved in network marketing for over 25 years.

I have been doing taxes for over 40 years.

Over 95% of my clients have a direct sales, mlm, or home based business.

Just over the last two years, I have extracted over $100,000 from the IRS from doing just amended tax returns.

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