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How To Create A Liquidation Business Online

Updated on December 20, 2014

I see more and more people everyday who wish to make money online. What everyone should know is that making money online is a hard process untill you get the hang of it. I am going to go over methods to create an online liquidation business

Ebay Store

Create an ebay store
Create an ebay store

Ebay Store

One of the best ways to get started in eCommerce is with eBay. E bay allows you to learn the basics and make money at the same time. E bay offers you to simply sell in their listings or to create an eBay store, or prostore.

I recommend that you create an eBay account regardless if you will use their service for your online store. Go ahead and create an eBay, and Paypal account and make a few purchases, or sell a couple of items from around your house to get some feedback.

Online store

SiteBuild It has the best reputation online for creating any type of website. I highly recommend their service if you are going to be serious about making money through this business.

Another good option would be yahoo merchant solutions.

Liquidation Products

Now you will need to research suppliers for your new business. has the most popular site for purchasing liquidation products. They allow you to bid on pallets of merchandise similar to how you would bid in an ebay auction.

Alternativly you can find a few more sites that offer these products just by doing a simple google search, you can even find this on ebay.

Business Plan

Now that you have all products in place you need to create a business plan, This will just be for you. In the beggining you will need to do some research to allow you to project sales, and what you will need to meet your goals. As you start to pick up sales you can adjust your business plan as needed.

It is very important to stick to your business plan. Time managment will be the key to your success.

Advertising Your Site

Here is where eBay comes in. List items on eBay and let them sell for a low price. Put up a link to your website, and send information about your site along with the package. Even if you lose money on the sale, it is still a very cheap form of advertising.

You can also use sites such as yahoo search marketing, this is the most powerful and popular form of website advertisement.


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