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Create A Proper Article Marketing Strategy That Works

Updated on November 26, 2008

Article marketing is one of the most inexpensive, yet powerful methods of website promotion on the Internet. In this article I will go over a proper article marketing strategy that will create massive amounts of traffic to your website or affiliate link.

Marketing consumers
Marketing consumers

Keyword Research

Before you get started with this article marketing strategy, you will need to do some keyword research. Google adwords has the best free tool for what you will need. Just insert your main keyword or key phrase that you want your website to rank for in the search box ex. "dog training" This will give you a list of popular keywords that are commonly searched for. Copy and paste this list into notepad, now enter each of these search terms into the box to get more related search terms.

Once you have completed this, you will need to pick 200 to 300 keywords or key phrases that have the highest search volume and the lowest amount of competition.

Article Marketing Strategy

Now that you have your list of keywords to promote, its time to start writing, or hire a writer. I suggest that you have atleast 100 articles written for this strategy to perform best. Your articles should be atleast 250 charactors, and target 4 keywords including your main keyword "dog training."

Dog training is a very popular keyword that you will not even come close to ranking for, however you should target this keyword on your site as well as in every article. Ranking for this keyword is your goal and article marketing will help you acheive this in time.For now you need traffic so lets continue.

And article marketing will now produce results

These less popular key phrases are searched less often, however there is little competition so your article will rank high for these terms and will catch most of the traffic. There may may only be 10 to 20 searches for these terms per day, but if your article gets clicked on from just half of these searches:

10 searches x 3 search terms x 100 articles = 3000 hits per day!

Now instead of marketing consumers you are catching consumers in a figurative funnel that flows directly to your website, or affiliate link.

you now have Create a "funnel" to catch viewers who are searching for your products or information you have to offer.

Tips for this article marketing strategy

  • It will take about a month for search engines to crawl your articles, unless you happen to hit it at the right time. So don't give up when it's not working right away.

  • Go after only search terms that are related to your site. Make them as long as you have to, to keep it related. Google ranks based on the relevance of your content to keywords. They measure this by the amount of time a visitor is on your site. If your visitors are finding that the information you offer isn't what they are looking for, than they will be quick to go somewhere else.
  • You are allowed to link your site or affiliate link to your articles in your article resource box. I suggest using no more than three links, the first two being your closest related articles of the 100, then your link you are promoting. Let the surfer read a couple of articles and when they see the same link on every article, curiosity will get the best of them.

  • Linking your articles to one another will also help with your search engine rankings. Google uses website popularity as its biggest tool for rank. They base popularity on incoming links So you need links pointing to your articles. You have 100 of them so this isn't a problem.

  • You can also sell these links, webmasters are always looking to increase the number of one way links to their sites. Go to any webmaster forums such as itrader, and you can quickly sell these links.

$3.00 per month x 3 links x 100 articles = $900 per month 


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