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How To Create An Awesome Tag Line

Updated on December 20, 2010

What is a Tag Line

A tag line as the name suggests is something that tags the main line to add value to the what is said above, or to highlight something in it.

Typically tag lines are used in branding.

So you will have a brand name and then a line that adds value to it.

e.g. Nike (brand name) - Do It (tag line)

So Why Would I Want One?

You are a brand.

Everyone is.

At your work you are known for something you do or can do or wont do.

You are hired, promoted, chosen, ignored based on what you represent.  You as a brand are measured everyday.

It's time you took control of that branding.

OK, So How do I get an Awesome Tag Line?

Your tagline should fulfill the following:

  1. It should be SRSSRS is philosophy I coined.  SRS is Sexy, Relevant, Simple.  Look at the 'Do it' tag line by Nike. super SRS!
  2. It should Inspire.  My tag line is 'Ideator'.  Every time I sit down to create something, to do something, it inspires me to create unique thoughts, to think, to ideate!
  3. It should be a Verb.  An action.  A call to do.  It should make you want to work, create, do!
  4. It should be able to create a compelling Vision.  Every time you use your Tag Line, every time someone else uses it, it should create a vision in the mind of the user about you.  If the vision is inspiring, awesome!
  5. It should Differentiate you.  this is paramount.  Your tag line cannot be a copy or a run of the mill.  It should be owned by you.  it should create a differentiation in the minds of the users.
  6. It should be Versatile.  You should be able to use it everywhere and anywhere. At work, at home, within your community.  Your tag line should be like you.
  7. It should act as Compass, a guiding light.  Whenever in doubt, your tag line should be able to tell you instantly whether this is something congruent with you as an individual or not.

Leave your tag lines here and maybe I can assist in improving them!

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