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How To Get Internet Traffic To Your Business Or Website Without The Expense

Updated on January 7, 2012

Getting online traffic will drive your business profits upwards. Everyone with a business is always looking for new ways to learn how to find more customers. We all have seen flyer's and coupons in papers, but retailers know that this is just not enough anymore.

The over head from the offline efforts don't seem to send in the amount of visitors to justify the cost. We have our businesses online but do not have the resource to pay a marketing team to manage the website we do have.

Once about a time "word of mouth" use to be all we needed to stay afloat in today's economy. It still is, if you think about it. Whenever we eat at a great restaurant or bought a pair of shoes for less than we expected we told someone.

But how do you spread the word about your great business if you are just starting out,hidden in the suburb, or in a rural area? How can you let people know about the great promotions you have without it causing you a bundle?

Getting Targeted Internet Traffic To Our Businesses and Websites

Article marketing with helpful content that is directed to your business will allow you to build up traffic to your business. If you have a store that sells mattresses you would have a main website with your items prices and companies information or you can start by writing for a website like hubpages.

Your articles will most likely educate people about the savings on buying a quality mattress. better sleep . proper back support and body alignment just to name a view. You can write your own articles or hire someone else to do it for you.

Starting a company blog or tweet will allow you to make entries about sales or specials whenever you want without worrying about the length. You can do this with your smart phone on the go and have others making entries for you. The more links you have leading back to your website the better.

Word of mouth is my old time favorite. People telling others is what can make or break a business. Here is a system that works by the word of mouth method. You heard me correctly; word of Mouth.

  1. Visit
  2. Use code to get in "VIPGuestSavings"
  3. Go to top right and click "feature my business".
  4. Spread the word.

This program is advertised entirely by word of mouth by costumer that want to recieve discounts in their email every week from local merchants. It is at it's beginning stage now but has a whooping 157,972 members as of 3:27PM 8/24/11 est.

Visit http://www.thecustomeradvantage.comto sign up your business and get the word out while this is available to you and not over saturated. Remember to use code " VIPGuestSavings ".

Implementing various free methods for sending targeted traffic to your website then business will allow your advertising efforts to be ongoing when your advertising dollars become thin. I do suggest you spend more money on paid advertisement in the beginning to jump start your business. Free online traffic method take time but are so worth the wait. If money is an issue visit Earn Extra Online Money for faster money making methods to pay for your advertisement efforts.

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