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How To Make Extra Money With Your Online and Off Line Business At Your Command -Real Facts Exposed

Updated on January 1, 2012

Every one of us no matter our situation can use extra money to accomplish goals and take care of expenses. I know what it feels like to struggle for your next buck and not know where it is coming from.

Those of use that have gone through the newbie stage of online marketing have discovered that you can also become a victim of the never ending vortex of “How To Make Money Products and Scams”.

We begin to buy any and everything expecting different results and when we fail we call the program a scam. This trying period can make you bitter, distrustful and stop you from getting closer to having your dreams come true.

Forget about the horrible feeling you have for failing.Forget about what your friends said about you being robbed and misled. Getting your mind right is necessary for this lonely journey. But if you want to have success you must first except failure. Everyone that has known success has first become companions with failure and if you never want to fail than never try. This will make sense eventually.

Learning how to make quick money first comes from taking the time to learn how to set up money making systems online. Here are a few things you will have to know before making this quick fast money with your online and offline business marketing.

What The Money Making Gurus Don't Tell You Before Selling You Their "Get Rich Quick" Program

Before Making Your Extra Income:

· Marketing-This is what you have to learn to let others know about your website, service, or product. This is your real job!

1. Autoresponders

2. Lead capture page

3. Article writing

4. Banklinks

5. Social marketing

6. Article marketing

· Blog/Website- Your main website will be about your service or company. Telling people about you or your product, how to purchase or use your service and where you are and how to contact you if necessary.

1. Keyword Rich Title

2. Optimized content

3. User friendly design

4. Great Content

· Product-How you make money may not be your own product but someone else’s. You may be an affiliate or have really great content and make your money by the clicks to Google Ads!

1. Adsense

2. Affiliate

3. Ebooks

4. Service

5. Tangible item

This may sound like a lot and it is, however once you learn the basics you can experiment and become better as time goes by. You will feel discouraged when you don’t see a penny coming in but hanging in there to learn the language making your own money is well worth it in the end. Can you imagine writing your own ebook and having the money go right into your paypal account while you sleep or hearing your notifier on your email letting you know that a payment was just made to you? This is real stuff! This can happen, but setting up and learning the process is first. This takes time.

Don’t get caught up in quick rich schemes. Affiliate programs teaching you to make money are not scams they just seem that way because you may be ill prepared. Learning the basics can take a year or more for some that are busy surviving in normal jobs. But rest assure there are many learning how to take control of their income everyday! I am an example like many others on hubpages. My advice is to read many high quality hubpage articles the you can relate to; to become familiar with the content, linking method and keyword usage. See where the hub leads you and how the next webpage or article is connected.

Remember anyone can learn how to make extra money online just as any baby learns to talk or walk, with time. For more free marketing advise visit http://marketingsuccesswithmrs.weebly and for more ideas to make money go to

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    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 6 years ago

      People who are looking for the fast money will always find out where the real scams are.Thanks for your comments.

    • Highvoltagewriter profile image

      William Benner 6 years ago from Savannah GA.

      Fantastic hub and I have also visited your blog! Great stuff, voted up and book-marked!

    • rLcasaLme profile image

      rLcasaLme 6 years ago from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

      there are so many scams out there. they won't really help in the long run. they'll just make you lazy and ignorant of the actually basic things that needs doing to make money online. the "how to make money scheme" is the scam itself. beware! a very useful hub!