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How to Gain Viewers and Subcribers

Updated on September 16, 2018
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My passion is helping people in any way I can. If you don't know where to get help try me. I just might have an answer for you.

A music video for a video?!

Videos can be very productive. Music industries started using them to promote an artist's music.  This is a screen grab of my video.
Videos can be very productive. Music industries started using them to promote an artist's music. This is a screen grab of my video. | Source

Advertising Your Platform

How many people actually create a commercial or a quick video to promote their own video outlets?

A video for a video? That's right. You read correctly. What better way to to promote your platform other than what you're already doing to build an audience.

It doesn't have to be long and it doesn't have to be complicated. It doesn't even have to be like the normal day to day commercial. It just has to be diffrent from your normal video posts. This way your viewer or reader can tell what you're relative entertainments are.

If you have a blog post, let your music speak to the types of topics you blog about and why. If you make music videos, let your listeners know the genre of music they can expect from you and your style of music. Maybe sing and rap if that's your gig. Any poets? Maybe do poetry showcasing emotions and politicals you cover.

What I'm saying is there are no limits to these music videos or commercials. You are a creator. So your video commercial can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.

Even if you write books. No matter what your talents are, grabbing your audience with more than one subject is key.

I'd rather shop in the stores that have let me know what to expect from their services. Wouldn't you? If I've never been in your particular store and your ad, commercial, or music video has gotten my attention, Then you possibly have gained a new customer. If you deliver then you've got yourself a repeat customer aka a subscriber and/or follower.

When you offer multiple items but your knew to the business, don't worry. Lot's of people will give you time to catch up.

I have created a short yet simplistic video to promote my video channels and have placed it below as an example. Feel free to watch and grasp the idea of how simple it can be to deliver the message your trying to get across. It's Very simple, short, sweet, but informative. If you'll notice in the lyrics, I have included everything that I will be presenting to my viewers. With that information they can then decide whether or not they want to stay tuned by subscribing or following me.

I Can Teach You How to Do It

You've Got The Look

Style is important. even if the entertainment character you play is a dirty, homeless drunk with ragged and torn clothing. It's nice to let your audience see the real you. An introduction of you says, "Thank you for taking time out to view my content and not scroll past. Let your fans know that you are real and not just a the character they watch on their cellphone screens.

I find that like big screen stars, the stars who are still behind the small screens majority of time also have fans who want to follow you not only because of your content, but also because they want to see into your world. They want to know who you are and what a day for you is like.You may not be big time yet, but those start up fans are still fans that will continue to follow when they know you recognize them.

So even if you don't call out a fans name on a live video feed it's a special gesture to address them as a group and let them know your thankful for their support. The real you will take your character to new heights. So dress as yourself what ever your style is and give a nice thank you to your fans.

While I'm on the subject. I too would like practice my teachings and thank you for taking the time to read my article. I know not everyone will become a viewer, follower, or subscriber but I still appreciate your time. Your are important to me because without you, I'd have one less view. And for that, my dear friend I am grateful.

Until we meet again via video, article, big screen or comment section, I want to say thank you.

The Outfit

Bluewolfsea Womens Fashion 2 Pieces Outfits Bodycon Zipper Front Checkered Race Long Pants Jumpsuits Rompers Small Blue
Bluewolfsea Womens Fashion 2 Pieces Outfits Bodycon Zipper Front Checkered Race Long Pants Jumpsuits Rompers Small Blue
This bodycon outfit is a great start to making your videos pop. The material is comfortable and will demand the attention of an audience. Who doesn't love a fashionable look? This set tells your soon to be subscribers that you are dedicated to and ready to deliver. A music video showcasing the time you took to gain their time and not waste it.

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What Are You Doing To Gain An Audience?

Sometimes it's hard for beginners to know where to begin. Either their content felt in front of the right people at the right time or they've been at it for years. However one goes viral makes it seem easy. But like any entertainment business plenty of us know it's not. So place suggestions in the comment section. Let's help others help ourselves help others.

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