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How To Get Paid: Partner With Youtube

Updated on September 6, 2011

Youtube Is The Latest Money Making Phenomenon

 Youtube is, for the most part a website that features videography; It's has become one the most popular sites in the world. Generating billions of dollars in revenue, and steadily increasing public rank(PR),, has become the latest phenomenon. You name it, youtube has it; from the latest music video to the craziest home video. Question is, How are people making money with youtube? It is very easy to create a video and to upload it to youtube. However, it is not as easy to generate revenue or to gain a steady youtube audience. Throughout the course of this hub, i will shed light on some ways to create profitable videos from youtube.  Stay tuned, and follow me as I embark on a path to help you learn, How To Make Money With Youtube.

First Things First

Establish a gmail account, through google for free. Most people have no clue that, google and youtube are affiliates, and by establishing a google account you gain access to great business platforms such as, google blogs, and google buzz, with the click of a button. Once you establish a gmail account, click my account and from that click more. Stroll down to youtube and click on it; you will see the login tab, from there you should register with your google or gmail account. There will be a tab where you should login with google or gmail click on it and use your google email account to register and your google password to link this account. This step is extremely important; this will aid in the development of a concrete audience. It will also help you to establish you to establish an google adsense account with both the email and youtube. The google adsense account will help you get paid from google to advertise their ads on your blogs, websites, or video's. To learn more about google adsense you should login  to, click business tools.

Several Artist Gained Exposure From Uploaded Youtube Videos

 Some  of the most noted youtube artist that gained superstardom and became recording artist are Soulja Boy Tell'em, Justin Beiber, and the Cali Swagg District. Soulja Boy Tell'em burst on to the scene with videographies that detailed dance sequences to songs he  authored and performed lived. He gained a compelling audience, a contract with a major record labor, and millions of dollars in the process. Justin Beiber, catipulted his way to superstardom, displaying his phenomenal voice, singer familiar tunes, show off his range and winning the hearts of virtually every teenage girl viewing him. While, his success story is different with youtube proceeds he wasn't very profitable, but it landed him a great record deal and he got rich anyhow. The Cali Swagg District received long term audience and a fan club  after they burst onto the scene teaching everybody how to Dougie. They gained international exposure as the group continuosly uploaded videos of new dance sequences, and released an album in the process. Cali Swagg District has recently lost a member to gun violence; my heart goes out to them and his family RIP Mbone. This is why videography is important because even though Mbone is gone, he lives on through his video's that changed hip hops style of dance forever.

Soulja Boy Tell'em's Classic Crank That Video Has 47,912,673 Views

This Video Shows A Young Justin Beiber Singing Brian Mcknights Back At One It Has Over 10,000,000 views

How Do I Upload A Video

It is quite easy to upload video's to youtube. The simple click of a button is just about all it takes to upload a video to youtube; Just in case, you have no exposure to youtube, here are very basic instructions for uploading a video to youtube. First you should signin, next to the search tab in the upper right hand area you should click upload to load video's from the computers hard drive. Video's should not be over 14 minutes long. Once video is complete you will be able to entitle it and view it. However, it must not be copywritten content. If content has been copywritten your video is subject to be removed. If your video receives a select large number of hits or viewers, youtube will email you an invite to participate in it's incentive program. There are quite a few people who gross six figure incomes. Some of them have gone on to be great hip hop recording artist, r&b singers, and internet gurus.


One of Cali Swagg District Video Has Over 370,000 Views

Great Tips For Gaining An Audience On Youtube

Upload video's pertaining to a specific niche, and contains original content. You can gain an entire audience based on specific niche. Just in case your unsure about the definition a niche. A niche is a specific area of expertise. Video's that feature niches appeal to a selective audience, and are excellent sources in directing traffic to a specific blog or website. For instance, instructional video's accrue lots of hits or views,simply because people learn how to do something specific. Video's on how to make money online, how to exercise, how to bake or cook items, and how to write blogs, are just a few of the niches that rake in the revenue on the youtube. Feel free to leave any questions or comments in the comments section. I hope this hub was helpful. thanks in advance for viewing it.

Have Seen This Youtube Video It Has 1,000,000,000 Hits

How Does Youtube Pay For Views or Hits

According to bestanswers.comAs a member of the Youtube partners program, they typically pay 1/3 cents to 1 cent per view. As you get more consistant viewers, they pay a higher percentage. Some of these posters can make a very significant income off their videos.

For example, a video with 1,000,000 views x .0033 = $3300. This is the minimum you will make if you're a youtube partner.

Who Makes Most Money With Youtube

I bet your wondering which video's on youtube gross the most money. To date there are several sources reporting that Shane Dawson AKA, Ask Shane &Others grossed over $315,000, from youtube videos, totaling 431,787,450 views. Trailing closely , The Dane Boedigheimer Annoying Orange—comedy series. Total views in the past year: 349,753,047, grossing over $288,000 in revenue.   Keep up the good work guys.

Here's One Of Shane Dawson's Most Hilarious Video's

This Video Helped Dane Boedigheimer Earn The Second Highest Paid Youtube Partner Slot


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      Voted useful and up! Very interesting and informative article!

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      @stricktlydating please try it. I am in the process of creating my very own. Good luck

    • shaekelly profile image

      shaekelly 6 years ago from Alabama

      @stricktlydating please try it. I am in the process of creating my very own. Good luck