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How To Organize Yourself At Home And In Business

Updated on October 22, 2011

That’s what happens if you don’t organize yourself. Life has no order. Everything is a mess, you get late for all the important appointments, you end up paying your bills late, your business is going  down to drain and all that you have goes in vain as you don’t know when and where all the money is going. And by the end of the day when nothing seems to go right you get too tired to even try to end up getting stressed and depressed.

 In order to live a healthy, peaceful and a stress free life, one must learn to organize him/herself. It is very important to learn how to put thing in life in a proper order. In this article simple steps for self organization are given that might help you in organizing yourself better.

How To Organize Yourself At Home?

Running a household can be difficult and as stressful as running a business. But if organized better it becomes the easiest thing. Once you have your household in a proper organized manner, you can focus you mind on other things better and you become relieved of all the basic tensions of a house hold.

Following are simple steps on how to organize yourself at home:

  • Make a daily calendar. This calendar should highlight he important dates for appointments and bill paying.

  • Make a list of to do things daily and monthly in a notebook and always keep that notebook in your bag or in your pocket. You should check the notebook from time to time and mark the things that you have done.
  • Make a list of everything. Make a list of things to buy before you go to market and make a list of things to do in order before any important task.
  • Make a habit of writing the important things to be done daily on that notebook. And check whether the things that the tasks to be done have been completed or not.
  • Keep a record of bills paid by keeping safe the important receipts.  Make a folder and make it a habit to keep the receipts as soon as you get them in that folder.

  • Make another folder, this folder should have all the important certificates and official documents. The two folders must be kept safe in a cabinet.

The above would seem a bit difficult to follow in the beginning, but once you put in the effort and make it a habit, it all becomes simple and life becomes easier. Most importantly you feel free of all the stress.

How To Organize Yourself As A Business Man?

Running a business is not a joke and one must have a highly organized system to run a successful business. There is no scope for mismanagement here. A slight case of mismanagement may cause a severe damage to your business.

Following are the steps one must follow in order to organize themselves:

  • The first and the most important thing you should do being a business man is to prioritize your responsibilities. Make a list of your responsibilities keeping the important ones on top.
  • Make a list of tasks to be done weekly. Also note down the time required for each task.
  • Planning is important. Take 10 minutes out of daily routine everyday to plan the next day. While doing so always open your mind to all the possibilities and plan your day accordingly.

  • You must have an organized system in your office. Place your important files in separate categories, for example keep the marketing files in one place and the folder of important financial paper in another. Don’t mix up the important papers.
  • A proper filing system is very important. This makes easy for you to find whatever you need without wasting your time in searching.

Organize your work place.
Organize your work place.
  • Life becomes much easier if you learn how to work properly on computer. Making sheets on excel makes your work easy and documents made in a computer are more secure and have less chances of error.
  • Everyday spend at least 15 minutes thinking ways or improving your work. Note down the ideas and later when you get the time elaborate each and consider the possibilities.

If you the steps and make a habit of organizing your daily life eventually you will find your life running smoothly and in a proper flow.


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