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How To Plan An Event

Updated on October 22, 2011

An event is organized to celebrate any grand occasion. They are one-time focused events held for a definite reason. These special events may include jobs fair, any grand opening or a logo contest.

These events play a vital role in the success of any organization. These events must be planned and interactive. These events may enable you to speak in front of the audience and emphasize your information. A well managed and planned event affects the business approach.

Getting Started With Your Event Planning

Every event requires a perfect management to make it successful. There are certain steps which should be followed.

To initialize an event the following questions must be answered:

  • What are the ways to hit your target?
  • What will be the best time to organize this event?
  • How many people must attend the event?
  • What should be venue of the event which can easily put up the number of people invited?
  • What will be the expenses of the event?
  • How much of the cost is available and from where would the remaining amount come from?

All these questions are the first step towards the planning of a successful event.

Develop Some Other Policies

  • Figure out that the purpose of the event should be important enough to advantage the time and expense.
  • The purpose and type of the event should be the same.
  • The library staff should be fully supporting for the event and must provide with most effective presentations clearly related to the purpose of the event.
  • Target groups that will support the event i.e. library users, financers, businessmen, senior citizens or parents.
  • Always plan earlier for the event at least three months.
  • Build up ways to calculate the achievement of the event.

Make A Check List

  • A checklist is something which reminds you each and every step you have to work on. Be sure to make a checklist and follow after every step you complete.

Manage A Budget For The Event

  • Ensure a specific budget for every expense you do for the event i.e. sponsors, tickets, donations, printing, insurance, food supply etc. The purpose of identifying a budget is to provide, the event organizers, a sound scheme.

Make sure the venue and date is properly mentioned in you invitation card.
Make sure the venue and date is properly mentioned in you invitation card.

Pick An Event Place And Date

Student groups can utilize the place provided by their campuses. Auditoriums and classrooms are the best for organizing a small event such as workshops. You can also choose an outdoor location depending upon the nature of the event.

The events must be organized in the middle of the week for people are not interested in attending these sorts of events in the weekends. It’s better to arrange the events on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. For students in the middle of the term as they are not much burdened with their studies and are likely interested in attending these kinds of events.

Collect Money For The Expenses

Putting up an event is not that easy, it requires a budget and some funds, as it’s not free. Fund raising for an event could be hard but it can be done at last.

Local community groups that are willing to support these sorts of activities may serve as a good source for fund raising. Churches are also very helpful in raising funds for these events.

Raising funds can be a big task but it happens in the end and does obstruct in the stipulation of the event.

Facebook is also a good way to publicize and event.
Facebook is also a good way to publicize and event.

Publicize The Event

An event is successful when it is publicized well. People should know about the event to be held so that they get interested and attend it.

All the time and funds would be wasted if you put all your efforts in just organizing the event and did not think of publicizing it, as if the people would not know about the event the attendance would be low.

The means of publicizing the event could be electronic scrolling marquis, or the local or regional radio or TV station. An announcement can be made on the flyers of churches also. Place posters among walkways.

Evaluate The Event

In the end the evaluation of the event should be made. This must be done when the details of the events are fresh. You can provide the attendees with a questionnaire to fill up. In the end check these points whether they are done or not.

  • Was the event successful in achieving its goals?
  • Which points need to be carried out once again or made better the next time?
  • Was the checklist completely done?
  • Did a number of people attend the event?
  • What was the feedback about the event, positive or negative?
  • Did the event worth doing?

At last celebrate the success of your event and pay thanks to those who lent hands in the organizing of that event.


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