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How To Properly Promote A New Website

Updated on December 16, 2014

Advertise your website

Promote your website
Promote your website

Building a new website can be complicated enough, but there are many people who only find out after they have spent hours building their website that the hard part is yet to come. I'm not sure what gives people the idea that if they build a website people will just magicly appear on it, but it is all to common.

Then what happens next is they do a google search to try and find ways of promoting their website, and get scammed a couple or times.

From there they go to the forums thinking will get some help, only to hear different people say the same thing over and over "backlinks" "social bookmarking blah blah blah." They know damn well that they try these same things, and it doesn't work, yet they are still telling people to do it.

This is the part where most people count there losses and give up.

Website Promotion

Advertise your website
Advertise your website

Proper website promotion

In my opinion proper website promotion is easier than this crap they tell you in the forums. A website has to be popular to get in search engines, and it has to be in search engines to be popular. Thats the problem and it has a simple solution that I will explain step by step.

Be sure to bookmark this page so you can come back to it later.

Before you get start bringing traffic to your site, you need to learn what to do with it. Following your visitors paths and they will show you exactly what improvements to make.

Sign up for google analytics, and they will give you a simple html code to put in your site. All you have to do is pull up your html editor and switch to html view, look for the <body> tag and paste the code google gave you directly above it.

It will take 24 to 48 hours for you to start getting reports. For now look at the different reports they offer and learn what each of them are, and how you can use them to improve your users experience on your site.

Google follows the path of your visitor from the time they click on your site until they leave. They use this information to determine the relevancy of your site. In other words if your average visitor stays on your site, views multiple pages, and comes back to your site again than google will rank you higher.

In the mean time go ahead and start advertising your site a bit, because you will need visitors to get your reports. I recommend that you start with pay per click advertising. This is a very simple yet powerful form of website promotion that will bring you immediate visitors. Follow the link to a list of pay per click sites all of these sites will give you $25 to $50 of free advertising for signing up.

The more pay per click sites you sign up to the wider your reach. For example if 60% of the webs daily searches was from google, if you only advertise on google than you can only get 60% of the webs traffic at best. You onlly pay per click so you should be targeting the most relevant search terms on as many sites as you can.

After you sign up and place your ads let them run for about 48 hours and then stop them.

Now you can pull up your analytics reports and see how your site is doing. Use the reports to see if you have any problems areas.

Some example of problem areas:

  • A high bounce rate for a given search term would mean you need to drop that keyword and target another.
  • If your visitors aren't staying on your site long than you may need to redesign it, to make it more eye appealing, or make your site description stand out more.
  • If your visitors are only viewing one page, than you maybe make your navigation menu stand out more

Learn how to use these reports, and they will tell you problem or potential your site has. Google uses some of these same reports to determine a sites rank, so as you start making your reports better your rank will slowly climb.

All you need to do is run your ads and view your reports fixing your problem areas. Trial and error for as long as you run your website. Soon you will be getting traffic from the free search engines, but to start with you will probably spend a little more on advertising than you will make. Just be patient.


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      logene 8 years ago

      The information is realy usefull

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      logene 8 years ago

      This website provide free automation note and t

    • profile image

      logene 8 years ago

      This website provide free automation note and t

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      Thanks for the comments guys. I hope it helps.

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      The information you share with us is useful and informative.This will definitely help to promote our website.Thanks.

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      Shirley Anderson 9 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Great advice, thank-you.