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Why Content Providers Should Be Paid Plus How to Sell Your Videos Online-Make Money Without Tons of Views & Subscribers

Updated on June 12, 2019
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My passion is helping people in any way I can. If you don't know where to get help try me. I just might have an answer for you.

The Button Of Hope and Prayers

This is the beginning of it all. The button that we all want pushed that will hopefully lead to a full view, like, and subscription to our work.
This is the beginning of it all. The button that we all want pushed that will hopefully lead to a full view, like, and subscription to our work. | Source

In It To Win It

But first; who says I don't want the money too!

Let's be honest. There's a passion for what you do no matter what it is. You can be a blogger, dancer, musician, cop, firefighter, or vlogger. The thing is that no matter what your doing you still would like to be paid if it's work or even make a career out of it. That doesn't mean you don't like your profession but why shouldn't you be able to pay your bills and begin saving for the future by doing simply what you love to do.

There are always people who will say, "You shouldn't do it for the money, you should do it for fun or because you love it." Seriously there are some sites and people who feel that way.

The sites who feel that way aren't truly interested in your work. They already a set algorithm for the type of people they want to push to make their platform even more successful. A lot of sites have began to push already famous and huge stars to keep an audience but every now and again someone will break through in one day and become viral but not often.

You have worked just as hard, your content is just as good and for some even better. You have been at this for multiple years but still haven't hit pay dirt yet and just like any other job. The time and effort you put into it is hard work. and still even the burger flipper is making more than you.

This Is No Easy Task

Time and Effort

For those who don't know, I'm gonna bring you into the world of a content provider for a minute or two. To come up with a concept isn't as easy as some would make it seem. Although much easier for some, it's not as easy for all. Then you have to plan the production of said content no matter if it's an article, video, short story, or what. If it's a video, you have to learn lines, movement, lighting spots, dance routine (depending on genre, and a whole other one thousand things have to be checked off the list. Might I mind you all is done most of the time without professional equipment that content providers can't even begin to afford. So that's first of all.

But let not sleep on bloggers either. Any one can stroke a keyboard, but bringing information to light isn't as easy you reading the article. First, what to write about? This takes brainstorming. anyone can tell you they see a tree outside the window but can they bring that tree to life and make you want to know more about that tree or twist the story where it still makes sense but the story isn't even about the tree. With that being said the writer has to keep your attention the whole way through. IS it interesting enough to do so? Will your attention stop there or will you click the like button and or subscribe.

Next, a title. Even more work and brainstorming. You see, even after this there are still another thousand things to be checked off the list. Just like bringing the full production of getting that burger to you through the drive through, this is a job or better yet a career. So content providers do deserve to be compensated fairly. What I have written to you is just the tip of the iceberg but we're moving on.

The Light at The End Of The Tunnel

You Can Thank Me Below

The site I'm going to tell you about is a sure winner. Now I didn't say you needed no views. Let's be clear. You have to have views in order for the ads to show. Someone plays your content, the site has an ad on your content and you get credited.

From the day and moment you upload your video your given a choice of whether or not you want to your content to be for sell or not. If so, your given a choice of three diffrent liscence agreements to choose from. After you pick your agreement then you continue on from there. You will be given this option for each video you upload evertime before you submit your video which means this video is ready for monetization after you click submit. Now that you've submitted your video, you wait. You are given an embed link, and two other direct links to your video so that you may share it or embed it to be viewed on other sites. All this while you wait.

What you are waiting for

In the sign up stage you should have been asked for an email to establish a point of contact from the site to you. Make sure you have whitelisted this site so you can receive all you notificatins and they don't end up in your spam mail. This is where you will receive a message about your video upload. The site will let you know if they have accepted your video and what type of distribution was accepted.

You must click the link they provide to you in order to accept of decline. if you click the link you should be taken to your video and it should tell you that your video is now live.

Don't Worry!

Your video is still viewable before it's live. I urge you to take this waiting period to share your links to your content and bring people to your channel.

You have an option to create channels to organize your diffrent types of content. This come in handy. Sound good do far? Well If It does then you'll like the fact that depending on which Liscence you choose during your upload process know that you video will be copyrighted. If you have been creating content and sharing it then you know this is a good thing. (In my strong opinion)

Now here's something you'll love. This site gives you the option an option of whether or not you would like your video to be uploaded to a few other sites automatically. (Yes even that other popular one) And when you do, your content will still have a coppyright attached to it so that even though it's on the other site you still have a copyright.

Another site that will pay makes the bank account happy

So as previously I wrote. You can have your work automatically uploaded to other sites. This is a bonus. The other sites your content is going to will also pay you! Yep. You read that right. You can upload manually or as you read, automatically to the other site.

The next thing you might wanna do is connect a site in which you already use so your content can be automatically uploaded. (This feature comes in handy If you upload to multiple sites.)

So What Site Is It?

This site is one that I'm delighted to bring to you. There are more earning features in this site I didn't tell you about so look around, have fun, and Monetize your hard work because yes. Content Creation is very hard work and you should be compensated for it.

© 2019 Derloris


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